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Get a sneak peek on character development and classes that are coming to the alpha playtest!

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Hey everyone,

when I started working on BattleJuice Alchemist, I was sure that you would play an alchemist. But the game is also an RPG and different classes are expected. So how do we handle that? Let me present to you our all-alchemists-class-system (TM)!

ClassSwitching 3MB

When creating your character, you can now select between the Bold Alchemist, the Swift Alchemist and the Sly Alchemist. In non-alchemy terms, you have a melee class, a ranged class and a mage class. These three have different ways of using their flasks: for the Bold Alchemist they explode right in his hands, the Swift Alchemist throws them at a target point and the Sly Alchemist drops them to the ground where they explode after a delay.

When leveling up, every class gets access to exclusive perks that enhance their special abilities. Additionally, there are perks available to all classes.

SwitchingPerks 3MB

This allows for interesting character progression and builds. Want to play a teleporting melee character? You won't be a master teleporter, but you can pull it off. Here are some special abilities in action:

SpecialAbilities 3MB

You won't have to wait too long to try out the classes and perks in the Steam playtest, they will be in the next patch coming in two weeks. I now have some testing and balancing to do. Until then, don't forget to join our Discord if you want to follow the development more closely.

See you there!


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