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Post feature RSS Devlog #5: Stretching and Splits

In this devlog I want to tell you about a more efficient way to move around the map due to the alien's innate ability to stretch his body.

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New feature has been added to the game and now the alien can move faster and more effective. Stretching the body is the innate ability of the aliens. Using it in the Earth environment leads to interesting results. The alien can stretch and throw himself in the air and then hover above the ground stretching his legs between trees or rocks. This abilities can also help to land on the ground safely. Scanning and searching of nutrients has been also improved and became harder on the ground. But it can be easier when using stretching taking nutrition spheres from the air. The new features were hard to integrate into the game, but now I am happy with the result and I have a video to show you!

The new video is here:

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