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Post feature RSS Devlog #029: Drones, locked gates and configurable gate speeds

Now that the demo has been out for a while I've been focussing on adding small and bigger features for the full version. Read here what I've added so far!

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Releasing the demo was a huge relief. Finally being able to share my project openly has made it easier to adjust the game towards the player's wishes.

I've added stuff like:
- A next level button after completing a main level
- Small random pitch shifts on collision sounds to make them more authentic
- A ghost preview of the selected object in the level editor

I also focussed on adding some settings to existing components.
I just finished a speed setting for gates which you can see here:


The biggest challenge to date has been the new Blaster Drone. It's mean, it's lean and it's... dumb. For now at least.
The first version will drive around randomly and shoot straight up, or aim at you if configured. After release, I'll expand on it, adding more intelligent AI.
Here's a little preview:

Blaster drone aiming v2

It wasn't the easiest thing to create, but hey, gamedev is hard:

drone physics bug

Drone bullet bug

Also, locked gates are done! It's a pretty basic concept, but allows for some cool level concepts!
We've got 3 flavours:

Locked gates v2

A couple of things are still in the pipeline, namely multiple ground types, a configurable background color and the Steam Workshop integration of course!

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