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Post feature RSS Devlog #027: Revamping the level editor and cable elasticity

This is one of the biggest tasks left before I can release an official public demo. Read all about it here!

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I'm so close! Only a few tasks left before the official demo can be released to the public.
The biggest of these is a total revamp of the level editor.
The previous editor layout took up way too much screen space with those big buttons and that huge catalog screen:

Old Editor

For the new design I chose a tighter layout by using icons for the buttons and putting them in a toolbar in the top of the screen.
The catalog has been split in more catagories and slides these out when needed:

New Editor

Neat, huh?

Next to some under-the-hood improvements I also introduced cable elasticity. It causes carried things to have a bit less pull on your ship for more stability, but also makes precision work thougher because the elasticity jiggles the cargo faster.
Of course I had to try some extreme elasticity values:

Elastic cable

The elasticity setting will be set per level and can be chosen when making a custom one.

That's it for now!

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