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Hi, every developer faces problems in development. We decided to share with you what we had to face.

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Survival mode

This mode was originally named Endless. This mode was one of the key features of the game list. Initially, it looked like an endlessly generated playing field of cubes and bonuses, slowly but surely moving onto the platform. For a change, a couple of "StanPole" and "SlowPole" bonuses have been added. As the names indicate, the first bonus stops the movement of the playing field, the second slows down movement, and all this pleasure is of course temporary.

The original implementation of Endless mode did not differ much from the mode with levels, it is essentially an endless game in a single level, where in fact the most hardcore players were challenged who would last longer and earn more points.

But we would not be indie game developers if we did not offer innovation in such a familiar gameplay, and this is what we came up with and implemented for the release version.

We divided the entire gameplay into iterations, this is a specific number of rows with cubes, a certain cluster of them that must be passed, and it is called a wave. Thus, the waves will allow the player to navigate how far they managed to plunge into infinity and how tenacious they are in our Arkanoid. We slightly reworked the logic for generating dice and bonuses in rows - now in a row you can find cubes with more than 1 unit of durability, and the cubes themselves do not form a row at random. And this seemed to us not enough to make this gameplay not just playable, but replayable. To do this, on some waves the player will encounter the painfully familiar Chapter Bosses from the CLASSIC mode as obstacles. Again, tell me what's new here, just all the levels that the player needs to go through sequentially. And now the most important thing: at the start of this mode, the player starts with one life, but three barriers. This is hardcore, this is survival. That is, it is easy to lose as in life - it is enough to catch one projectile from the enemy or collide with some obstacle. But for the loss of life at the expense of the ball, the player has 3 attempts. Oh yes, in this mode you will not find bonuses like "+1 life" or "Barrier". Hardcore is hardcore. But if you hold out until the end of the wave, then during the passage of the wave, the lost barriers will be restored.

itcho survival 03

We will, of course, think about it, and perhaps tighten up this mode, allowing after some wave to receive +1 to the cap for lives, and then it will be possible to receive the lives themselves, if not at the level, then after a certain wave, and this the replenishment process will be implemented in the form of a small gameplay, but first we will wait for the final implementation of this mode.

We believe that such an idea and its implementation are worthy of your attention and criticism. Great game to you!

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