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What are the factions? And how will they work? Factions work a bit different in Global Pacification.

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1947, the War is over, Germany, Japan and Italy collapsed. What factions are there?


That's right, your favourite faction is still up and running! However, it all works a bit different. The Allies are no longer the disorganised band of nations that opposed a big bad wolf, the Allies are now a proper alliance. It's still headed by the United Kingdom, but the member nations are different. In addition to the British Commonwealth, there's now;

  • The United States of America
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Luxembourg
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Iceland

(List does not include puppets)

Based on a list of nations of founding members of the United Nations, as well who remained allied with the United Kingdom afterwards. As such, Portugal and Italy are not on this list. The British can eventually form the Western Democratic Union, which gives up the members of Denmark, Norway and Iceland for Italy and West Germany. Eventually, this can transform into the NATO through focus.


Yep, the Communists, only in a different incarnation. Accordingly the Comintern was dissolved in 1942, soon replaced with the Cominform. The Cominform is the the primary counterpart of the Allies, and is led by the Soviet Union. Tannu Tuva has been annexed, leaving only Mongolia as member after 1942. However, with the fall of Fascism and the dwindling of Fascist influence in the Balkans, The Soviet Union got new nations to influence. These nations, in addition to the original members, now includes;

  • Soviet Union
  • Mongolia
  • Bulgaria
  • Yugoslavia
  • Albania
  • East Germany
  • Poland

Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia join later, as at the start of the game, they start as non-aligned and democratic nations respectively. Currently, the Soviet Union can influence both Hungary and Romania to join the Cominform. The Cominform can eventually evaluate into the Warsaw Pact through focus.

Other Factions?

The Axis was disbanded, Mińôdzymorze was never historically founded (sorry Poland, but no) the Chinese coalition fell apart. They never had any other factions! Or did they...?

Non-aligned Movement

Yep, the Non-aligned movement, founded by the Yugoslavs after their expulsion from Cominform. The Non-aligned Movement is your generic ''third-party'' faction, or ''catch-all'', if you prefer. The Yugoslavs get to found the Non-aligned movement through their focus tree, and initially get to create it with Ghana, Indonesia, India and Egypt (it can still be formed without one of these, though).

China's Sphere of Influence

China's faction isn't really known, it's just know that they established one and had one official member, Albania. I will definitely include their faction, although I'm not sure yet where I'm taking this.

I hope I informed you well enough of the factions, if you have questions, ask, and I will do my best to answer them!

PresidentJade - - 176 comments

Factions should be renamed to NATO and Warsaw Pact

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PresidentJade - - 176 comments

Sorry I did not see that NATO happens later on, but Warsaw Pact should be the Commie faction

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Caon Author
Caon - - 341 comments

Warsaw Pact also happens later on. Bear in mind that NATO and Warsaw Pact were not a thing in 1947.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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