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This is a detailed list of features and credits.

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Major Features

- Pre-Battle Orders - Adds more depth to commanding your troops on the field
- Diplomacy - Adds more depth to kingdom management
- New Land - The new land is called Nordland, a cold, harsh place filled with beautiful mountain ranges, frozen steppes, fjords, lush forests and every thing in between
- Unique mercenary troops - Several unique mercenary types with varying skills and cultures
- New weapons, armours, horses, etcetera
- New Viking themed factions

Minor Features

- Extended Prisoner Dialogue - Allows you to execute capture troops and vassals through the dialogue screen, also grants you the ability to recruit normals soldiers too
- New Races - Added new races to provide a little more variety on the field
- Option to purchase fiefs - You can now purchase fiefs
- New Bandits - Bandits are a little less generic
- New Mercenaries - There are a number of generic mercenaries that can be found in abundance across Nordland.


- Pino69 - Pino Armour OSP vol. 1 & 2
- Dejawolf + BL - Viking OSP packs
- Narf - Rus Armour Pack
- Caba'drin - Pre Battle Orders and Deployment
- Sonyer - Retextured Items and Norman Mail armour
- Python Script/Scheme Exchange Community - Scripts
- GothicKnight - Dark Age OSP
- TLD Team - Cape meshes

Honourable Mentions

- Allatar - Name contributor
- Sjtaf - Name and face code contributor
- RagnarrJarlJomsborg - Name contributor
- Delexos - Name and face code contributor
- TaleWorlds Modding Community - For assisting me when I needed it most

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I am loving these features

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