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From gathering ideas, through the concept art stage, to the final 3D model of Vipera 600GT - a spy supercar even 007 would envy.

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For today’s post we will focus on just the one thing only - creating the secret agent's ultimate car!
The highly modified Vipera 600GT!

Our game takes a lot of inspiration from the James Bond movies. It was obvious from the start that we will have to include our very own spy-vehicle in Petrol Blood.
The 007 movies span 60 years of automotive history. From the absolute classic look of Aston Martin DB5 through sharp angled Lotus Esprit to the Brosnan era BMWs. We decided against limiting ourselves by any specific car brand or era, and investigate many different vehicles for an inspiration to what may be a good foundation for our own design.

concept phase 1

Concept phase 2

From those ideas we have chosen the final direction of the design and the Vipera 600GT finally emerged:

Concept art

There was just one small detail left - the logo of our fictional luxury car brand - The Vipera.

Vipera logo

And there is the model itself - exacly as you can drive in the game:

AgentCar render1

AgentCar render5

AgentCar render3

The spy supercar wouldn’t be completed without hidden weapons and gadgets. For the starting loadout it’s Machine guns, homing missiles and smoke grenade launchers.


It’s just an appetizer of the wide arsenal that our Agent will unleash at her enemies in the espionage ride through the Soviet Block!

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