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the weapons that are currently in the download. this also explains the grouping of the weapons into "series"

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All CrowGuard Weapons use a "Low Friction Steel" found abundantly upon their homeworld. The series are a way of splitting up the weapons by their basic ingame function.
Short List:
The "M..." Series

The "D..." Series
1.Substance D Revolver
2.Substance D Sniper
3.The Arbatel

The "Z..." Series
1.The Zos
2.The Zos Burnout
3.The Zos Shotgun
4.The Zos EQ
The Specialist Weapons
1.The Flammable Fluid Launcher
3.Laser Saw
4.Energy MachineGun
1.Guard Shield

damn thats messy!

Longer List with Descriptions
The "M..." Series
Guns in this series were created to defeat armoured enemies.

Muter, a basic pistol with a high Velocity, good as a reliable sidearm when the S-D Revolver proves to unreliable or expensive
MuterMK2 a machine gun version of the Muter, with the same high velocities. very effective against armoured targets. low weight makes it also a good sidearm for important units.
The M-Sniper
a sniper rifle that fires a three round burst that can saw through any
armour, good for killing solo heavily armoured enemies and raping the
terrain, Has also proved itself usefull against the engines of most weakly armoured dropships.

The "D..." Series
The guns in this series were created to "disable" opponents in the minimum of time

Substance-D Revolver,
made possible by the "low Friction Steel" a volatile dilatant material
is fired at a high velocity. when and where it explodes is often
Random, But a direct hit on any Machine or Organic enemy will render
them harmless. The size of the rounds and the Revolver type barrel
magazine, means this gun cannot carry many rounds. and due to the
materials used in the rounds it is expensive. Another thing to note is
the apparent Unpredictability of the Damage dealt, a good hit can be
ensured by being closer to the target.
Substance-D Sniper
Effective against most Organic Actors, its one weakness is its slow rate of fire and the unpridictability that is to be expected with anything firing substance-D. also an effective rifle for non-sniper units, but a weapon in the "M" series or "Z" series is more effective in most situations.
The Arbatel, Like the Demon spawn of a Deagle and a rocket launcher, unnoficially in the D series, extremly overpowered, very underpriced, the best of both the S-D Sniper and the Zos EQ, with more effictiveness and general power, but unlike the other two, suicide if used close range.

The "Z..." Series
The guns here were designed with multiple enemies in mind.

The Zos,
the Assualt rifle of the Zos, for base defense this cannot be beat, a
clip can clear corridors or finish any threat, and has even been known
to take out shuttle craft occaisionally, this weapons achilles heel is
suprisingly its fast firing speed, causing lots of time spent reloading.
the secondary fire mode can be activated using the pie menu and selecting gold mining mode, the secondary fire mode is much slower and fires in bursts but is more accurate and direct hits do more damage.
the Zos EQ
retarded but pwns, think shrapnell expanding inside everything. A power weapon, Guard Shield Required for safe use though
The Z-Shotgun, bullets from this remain closely grouped, but the groups of bullets vary direction hugely. expect rape, this is like a machine shotgun, retarded yes, but heroic at close range.
The Zos Burnout, this is
exactly the same as the zos, no special rounds but it fires at 6x the
speed, allowing for completely wiping out anything infront of it, its
weakness being how often anybot holding it has to reload.

The Specialist weapons
weapons that fit a particular purpose, and are outside of the various other weapon series

The Flammable Fluid Launcher,
propelling Molten Steel at high speeds make this gun heavy and
effective against Organic enemies, but it is near useless against armoured
or Mechanical Enemies and the shrapnel from the steel that dried during flight can sometimes backfire on the firing actor
LasCannon, this cannon fires laspulses. a high energy waveform which rips apart anything it passes through, very effective against dropships, and actors when you can score a direct hit. may backfire on your troopers if they fire it while mooving rapidly. i have given them a little shrapnel
LaserSaw, originally a pussy gold digger. Soon realised Crowguard don't need no money, just violence!
so i bring to you the Laser Saw, the Crowguard's answer to close combat
and tunneling, with a moderately wide spread of dangerous LasPulse
this baby can tunnel through anything,
Dirt, metal and armoured flesh!
The new secondary fire can be activated by selecting gold harvesting mode from the pie menu, this turns the lasersaw into a mid range annihilation machine, burning out the energy cell in 2 shots by firing out blasts of hot flares that will track enemies and tear apart armour and flesh, but beware can easily backfire if used wrongly.
EnergyMachineGun, a midrange assualt rifle more effective than the LasCannon against ground targets due to the more volatile reaction when the shots explode, a clip can easily kill a couple of enemies and the dropship they came in.

Ungrouped guns
weapons without category

GuardShield , simple reskin of the riot shield stronger though, intended to help make the Zos EQ safe for use via dual weild

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