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Post feature RSS Creative crafting mechanics in Hackshot, part 1

In Hackshot, you have the ability to craft unique projectiles, and use your creative imagination to use the crafting system to make cool trickshots and deal with various situations. In this article, we dive deep into the crafting system.

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Crafting system main options

A Cyberball can be crafted by mixing and matching different attributes, which includes Hacking Power, Gravity, Mass, Bounce and much more (We kinda don't wanna spoil the most interesting ones).

You, as a hacker, can craft a lot of Cyberball types, Heavy with inverse gravity, Hacky without bounce, Extra light bouncy with inverse gravity, the sky is the limit here. In the next videos, the crafting system is shown in practice.

However, this system gives the player too much power, and we can't have that can we ;) [Don't worry, you will have it and enjoy it]. A system of crafting points was added to limit the modifications that can be made to the Cyberball, each Cyberball have it's own max crafting points. If the applied modifications use more points than the max crafting points, the ball will glitch out, and it can't be used until less or different modifications are used, as seen in the next image.

Ball glitch when no more crafting points are available

[100 are the points required to use those applied mods, while the max this selected Cyberball can handle is only 15]

To make things more clear, a documentation is provided in0game, detailing the available options for each attribute and ability, with moving comics.

Crafting documentation with moving comics

Crafting documentation with moving comics

This is only the tip of the iceberg, in the next part, we will have a deep dive into the modifications themselves, and see some of their uses and some awesome trickshots using them.

Try the Demo Now => Steam ,And stay tuned => Discord

Thanks for reading,

Mhmd 5ubh!

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