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CoinRPG Feature List: Free To Play - Open World - Anti-Player Killing - Monsters - Castle Siege - PvP Combat - Loot - Level System - Skill Based - Hardware Accelerated Graphics

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Free To Play:
No purchase necessary to have fun.

Bitcoin Contests:
Unlike most Bitcoin Games, CoinRPG will never ask for Bitcoin Deposits. Play for free, and compete against other players for a chance to Win Bitcoins during our Official CoinRPG Bitcoin Contests.

Open World:
Explore a Realm of various terrains discovering Monsters, Loot, and up to 8 Players in a single game instance.

Anti-Player Killing:
New players are protected from Player Killing until Level 10 has been reached.

Hunt various types of monsters lurking around the world; some are much stronger than others but offer greater rewards when defeated!

Castle Siege:
Gather a few friends and Siege a Castle guarded by mighty Orcs! Capturing a Castle offers the best rewards, but be prepared to defend it against invading players.

PvP Combat:
Players can engage in Dynamic Player vs Player Combat! Winners are rewarded with a Coin loot drop! (*no Coins are lost by the defeated player)

Currently features several kinds of loot to collect in game. Healing Potions, Magic Potions, and Coins. Potions allow the Player to Cast a mighty Magic Attack, Ability to Heal HP in Combat, while Coins are collected as experience points.

Level System:
Unlike most RPGs, there is no traditional level up, stats-based system. CoinRPG uses Coins collected as experience points. As players collect Coins they (level up) move up in Ranking on a Leaderboard for bragging rights as the Top Player of the Game, along with a chance to Win Bitcoins during our Weekly and Monthly Contests.

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Skill Based:
CoinRPG is a Skill based Game! Players can execute various actions in real-time from Running, Basic and Special Attacks, Magic Attack, and Healing. So higher levels don't really matter, but how well you execute your actions!

Hardware Accelerated Graphics:
Powered by Unity 3D, CoinRPG is suited for the best performance by utilizing gfx hardware.

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