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If you happen to want anything to be in this mod, just comment down below! I'll try to read them all and if I can, I'll put them in the mod.

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List of things to add:

  1. Change the scenes.
  2. Edit the stores so that it doesn't sell plate armor or a large 2-handed sword.
  3. Edit the companions.
  4. Somehow change some dialogues.
  5. Rename A LOT of items.
  6. .....Diplomacy?
  7. Freelancer maybe....
  8. And probably some more stuff I forgot about :P

Holy sh!t....typing as if I knew what I was doing is hard.....

Leave your suggestions belooooow ._.


Hi, just gonna give a few points to hopefully help you ^^;

1: Although I do not agree with random bashing of mod for incomplete mods (like I said in the comment), I do agree it is a little bare bones with what is currently there. This does not mean that you should stop showing us incomplete mods (in fact quite the opposite), by all means continue showing us products in progress, but perhaps you could make a few more major changes. ^^

2: Maybe you could design or find someone to design some original models and splash art, at the moment the mod looks quite like the original game (going back to the first point). If you don't have the know how or time then I'm sure you could find someone if you searched hard enough.

3: It might help to make a few public or private flow charts to help you put down ideas and have other people make suggestions to those ideas to maybe improve the mod later down the line (if you chose to continue making this :P)


That's all I got so I hope this helps you now or later if you decide to make a different mod.

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