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A little bit information about scenario of REDSIDE.

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On the screen - an abandoned factory in Zaire. The 5th location will be very eventful, and when it seems to the player that the end is coming soon, this will be just the beginning. But the post is not about that.


Those who played the beta were able to read dialogues and watch prelaunch briefings, done in a pseudo-documentary style. They probably have some kind of understanding of what exactly the game will be about, its scenario.

REDSIDE is primarily a political thriller.

Any of you regularly came across political thrillers, just not everyone knows what it is. Spies, terrorism, the Cold War, government conspiracies, confrontations between the country and against an external enemy, political figures making difficult decisions, the KGB and the CIA - you have probably seen all this in films and games, read in books. Classic examples are the series House of Cards, Homeland, the films Red Sparrow, Bridge of spies, Miss Sloane, the well-known Manchurian Candidate, games: Dishonored, CoD Black OPS, and in general the entire line CoD MW fits this description, dozens of games have important signs of a political thriller, for example, Beholder, Paper, please. The list can be very long.

So what about the scenario?

The game takes place in an alternate universe in 1996. You have to play for the Soviet side on behalf of different characters (about 5-6).

Why the USSR?

I found it interesting. The image of a bad USSR / Russia has long been rooted in mass culture. There are not many games where in the image of the USSR there are no cranberries like Stalin, balalaikas and drunken bears. And I don’t remember a single one where the player had to play for the Soviet side (naturally, in the context of the USA-USSR confrontation, well, excluding strategies), and where this Soviet side is somehow positively covered. I wanted to tell the story from the perspective of characters who in other games are enemies, who in other games need to be defeated and killed. On behalf of the side that Reagan once said is the Evil Empire.

What will be in the game? And everything is according to the canon - because of the shortsightedness and cunning of geopolitical opponents, the world is rapidly sliding into the abyss, and only the player can stop it.

Will it be possible to stop?

We'll see ...

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