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The Wolf3D Engine is a raycaster engine developed by John Carmack for the hit FPS game Wolfenstein 3-D. It features smooth scrolling with textured walls, variable screen-size, and sprites. Designed for mid-range 386 computers it was one of the fastest texture-mapped 3D engines to be made available for licensing at the time (1992).

It was officially licensed to JAM Productions to make Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold and Blake Stone: Planet Strike, licensed to Apogee to make ROTT (originally slated to be a Wolf3D sequel), and licensed to Capstone to make Corridor 7 and Operation Bodycount.

It also inspired similar shareware and commercial "doom clones" of the mid-90's.

Game engine features:

  • Local high scores board
  • Episode system (usually up to 6 episodes with 10 levels each)
  • Help and readme screens, scripted, with graphics
  • Animated status bar head
  • Runs in real mode

Graphical system features:

  • Renders in VGA 320x200 256 colors
  • Smooth framerate, not deliberately capped below refresh rate
  • Tile-based maps, of 64x64 size
  • Horizontal-moving doors
  • Screen effects such as random pixel wiping
  • Smooth movement of actors
  • Screen tinting and flashing
  • Variable width game font

Audio system features:

  • Digital audio playback for Sound Blaster cards, and compatibles
  • 1 digital sound channel
  • Adlib (OPL2 FM) support for music and sound effects
  • PC speaker support
  • Disney Sound Source support
  • Smart and immediate auto-detection, eliminating the need to run a seperate program to configure sound.
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This is the newest mod I am currently working on for Wolfenstein 3D, it runs on the Wolf4SDL engine which Ripper (Chaos-Software), has just recently released.

This engine is a significant improvement from the original engine, and Wolf\4GW. It also runs on PC\Vista. Also has 8 sound channels to play the sounds, and doesn't need any emulators to run the adlib\sound blaster.

I am not too far yet, just working on several features, none for ingame shots, that'll come in due time.

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Guest - - 688,759 comments

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Rus_Demo - - 71 comments

A game Doom Engine and Wolfenstein 3D Engine nice!

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Guest - - 688,759 comments

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TheDoommer - - 13 comments

Wolfenstein 3D was an obvious revolution in his time , but Doom is now many many times more popular and strong. So why should we design maps and mods with this engines while people brought Wolfenstein in Doom Engine ?

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szemi - - 131 comments

Wolfeinstein is amazing game after Commander Keen!

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brunocar - - 1,158 comments

why isnt blake stone and corridor 7

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VitorHunter - - 691 comments

the first fps game :D

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JFreakXD - - 275 comments

actually catacomb 3 is, but this was more popular.

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Lenji - - 8 comments

Looks like RayCasting Game Maker

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Rigelblast - - 220 comments

The Wolf3D engine was one of the best 3D engines in the early 1990s. It was also fairly popular. While the engine was rather "simple" (not many features) in Wolfenstein 3D, the companies, who it was licensed to, implemented lots of new features such as texture mapping for floors and ceilings and lighting. There are many good games that use this engine.

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