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White Rabbit Engine is technology with purpose of being like big canvas and crayons. Everybody can use them, everybody can make something unique and in the same time have fun doing it.

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I never was good at sharing updates about this project. Mostly because I never knew what I should write about. This time was no different, well maybe even worse than normal. On the other hand, there was reason behind it:

More than 2 years ago in meantime of playing, I decided that I'm dissatisfied with the look of the project and decided to restart it. This may not sound like a smart decision to do after spending 7 years on producing previous content but I decided to anyway do it.

I threw away old content and started working on something new. This time I didn't want to limit myself with original design and decided to do what I want with it. This resulted in some crazy ideas that these days toned down a resulted in this:

Now that I think about this, producing this video was a crazy ride full of coding, modeling, texturing and editing video. And all of that was done in the past two years. I know that is hard to believe but:

Little Big Adventure Remake is still alive

and in better shape than ever. As you may suspect this is not the end of the story. In the next months, I will be working on adding more gameplay elements, more content, improving the technology behind the game and trying to share more regularly. Of course, I know that I write all these few times before. But look at this video once again and think: Will I really want to throw away all this work?

So be tuned because more content is coming your way.

Till the next time fellow Twinsunian.

Tech Demo 2

Tech Demo 2

Little Big Adventure remake 4 comments

After hundred of changes and fixes I can finally present you Little Big Adventure: Tech Demo 2.

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Little Big Adventure remake

Little Big Adventure remake


This is fan made remake of first part of the game Little Big Adventure. Probably only the first island.

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