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This is a project (Work in Progress) that I am creating alone. Result is going to have 3D engine that will be able work with a huge map which is its curiosity. I do not expect that it will able work with planetary maps. Inspiration of project is Outerra engine although I would like to create tools for own maps no only Earth. I am scary lightly because I have not ambitions for creating of this only but also I mean this as a best way of learn of this because I am unkissed virgin on the field of 3D Engine and this is my first project of the kind. So I understand that result can be whichever and any quality. But no matter because this is funny. :-) So because I have ambitions and only two hands (and one brain) and because more people can sing more cheerful songs so I would request to help from volunteers . So if you mean that this is need create technology what is able render huge maps and maybe this is need few games with the technology. And you have potencial to create to something like this and you are programmer or 3D modeler and you have a free time so just do it. :-) Maybe there will have a problem to introduce you to my progress and maybe I will have a problem to find you fitting work for your skill on start. And if there will enough developers and work make progress so we can begin with development of game what I mean like a historical/fantasy RPG.

Here code on GitHub

I search for volunteers for project:
Programmers and 3D modellers and maybe next developers

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I am seaking volunteer


I am seeking a volunteer of level designer which will create heightmap. Property of heightmap: 8192 x 8192 pixels and 15 m spacing between pixels and map size is 15 000 km2. I develope own engine which can render so large map. Map will represent fantasy/historical world (other planet with culture on level about 10th century). And I would like also if the developer can add descriptions of places

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