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The Valkyrie engine is a 2D tile based XNA engine.

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After much deliberating I have decided to put PokeWorld on hiatus. After I went to GDC I learned and saw a lot of things. I met many developers who were far more successful and smarter than I was. This really inspired me to be a better developer and to challenge myself. Unfortunately with PokeWorld as my current project I felt like I wasn't really challenging myself and making something that was going to benefit me in the future. PokeWorld is really a long term project and it's not something that you can just _finish_.

If you don't like to read, you can watch the video which explains it as well.

I really want to thank the Fan-base for sticking with us for so long and being a great community. I would like to talk about two things, the first being is that just because I'm not working on PokeWorld doesn't mean it has to end. PokeWorld, along with the Valkyrie engine are both open source. Anyone can pick up the project and continue working on them. I hope my game will serve as an inspiration and motivation to all the half-done Pokemon clones out there. Don't sacrafice quality just so you can throw your game on the internet as fast as possible! Really strive to be better designers and developers and make fun games for people because the rewards are greater.

I'll probably write up a Post-Mortem because a few people have asked me to do so so they can see what challenges I faced while building PokeWorld.

My last thing I wanted to talk about is my new project using the same engine. I plan to build a new game that revolves around the idea of a competitive overhead 2D team-based fantasy action game where you can play online and compete with other people by playing by yourself or using split screen to coop with your friends and play online or versus bots. It will be available on the Xbox 360 and PC. It'll most likely be sold on the Xbox live indie game channel for a couple of bucks and free for the PC. Look for more information about that on ModDB soon.

Thank you ModDB, you have been very supportive and awesome!

PokeWorld Alpha Launch!

PokeWorld Alpha Launch!

PokeWorld Online 19 comments

It's time that we launch the servers as a Christmas gift to you all.

Launching PokeWorld Site

Launching PokeWorld Site

PokeWorld Online 17 comments

Since were gearing up for some major updates, were launching the new website as the first step.

We herd u leik updates.

We herd u leik updates.

PokeWorld Online 14 comments

Custom sprites, jumping animations, and music support oh my!

PokeWorld Progress Update

PokeWorld Progress Update

PokeWorld Online 8 comments

Minor update on how PokeWorld is going including some of the latest media...

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Project Alpha

Project Alpha


A top down 2D team based fantasy action game by Entity Games. This unnamed game is going to bring you lots of fun team based action with 14 unique classes...

thecuteturtle - - 92 comments

Excellent job making the engine and game. I enjoyed it while it lasted.
Thanks for your hard work!
I will look forward to your future games!

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SIGILL - - 1,156 comments

Damn I wish I could use this engine.. looks like it suits my needs ^^

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