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Trivial Engine is a cross-platform, templates-driven, rapid game prototyping engine written in C++. It heavily uses SFML 2 right now, but over time we plan to move to OpenGL completely. The key focus of the complete framework is to make complex subsystems easier to manage and build for: we have an accessible camera system, an image manager, font manager, audio manager, event manager, and other resource managers in development. The engine exposes tonnes of Helper classes and functions for all of its built-in objects in a thorough object-oriented universe.

We dont call it Trivial for no reason: getting started and getting an app up and running is as simple as a writing two function calls. The engine also includes a complete GUI class that includes labels, label manipulation, buttons, range of input types. The system also supports custom fonts in development.

The event manager lets you subscribe any object to a huge range of system or custom events. The camera systems exposes trivial functions to simplify look-ats and camera movements. The engine works with hardware accelerated audio and video allowing you to squeeze out that performance for your game. Different resource managers efficiently handle memory and resources, allowing you to scale up to thousands of sprites in a single scene.

The audio manager extends streaming support and looping tracks and allows to manipulate and transform sound with exposed information like sample rates, channel counts, playing position and actual sample data through single function calls.

Easily develop and deploy for Windows, Mac and Linux. Trivial Engine is proud to be cross-platform and it will reach out to newer platforms in future. The engine also supports a range of input devices.

We support a huge range of image, audio, video, fonts and resource formats. Data interchange goes through XMLs and JSON is coming soon. If there is a format worth using, we support it!

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Trivial Engine
Trivial Engine
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