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RPG in a Box is a tool for easily creating 3D grid-based, voxel-style RPGs and adventure games—everything you will need for building and sharing your own game, all packaged together in a box, so to speak! This "box" will contain an assortment of editors (centered around a map editor and a voxel editor) that will allow you to make your game the way you want. I will be striving to make the software user-friendly so that no knowledge of programming, computer graphics, or modelling will be required, all while still maintaining as many customizable aspects as possible so that your game can be unique.

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Release v0.3.4.1-alpha through v0.3.4.7-alpha (Engines : RPG in a Box : Forum : Releases : Release v0.3.4.1-alpha through v0.3.4.7-alpha) Locked
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Sep 29 2016 Anchor

New Features

  • Added a "Toggle Grid" button to the Voxel Editor toolbar for hiding/showing the grid lines.
  • Added a "Play Group Animation" scripting function that can be used to trigger a specific animation for all entities within a group.
  • Added a "Capture Preview" button to the Voxel Editor (bottom left corner) that will capture a still image to use as the model preview in the resource selection panel. This will allow you to pick an angle that portrays the model best, and will also shorten the time needed to load your project into the editor (especially for game projects containing a large number of resources).
  • Added an Undo/Redo system to the Voxel Editor. Most actions involving the modification of voxels or frames can now be undone (up to a maximum of 50 levels) with the Undo and Redo buttons on the toolbar or using the Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y keyboard shortcuts.


  • Adjusted the camera zoom limit in the Voxel Editor to allow for a closer zoom level.
  • The "Toggle Voxel Outlines" and "Toggle Grid" buttons on the Voxel Editor toolbar no longer become disabled when an animation is playing.
  • Added "All Sizes" as an option to the tile size filter on the resource selection panel.
  • Slightly adjusted the Voxel Editor light to a better angle.
  • When opening a game project, the progress of loading resources is now shown in a progress bar at the bottom of the resource selection tabs instead of a modal progress dialog that blocks any action. The filter dropdowns will be disabled until the resources have finished loading.
  • Expanded the palette area of the Voxel Editor's color picker to allow for up to 36 colors per palette.
  • Added the palettes dropdown to the "Replace" color picker dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where voxel model changes made using the Shift toolbar buttons were not being saved correctly.
  • Camera zoom now also works in the Voxel Editor while using the Paint tool and Erase tool instead of incorrectly working only for the Attach tool.
  • Certain toolbar buttons are now disabled while an animation is playing in the Voxel Editor.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing model previews to not be refreshed properly after making changes in the Voxel Editor and saving.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Replace Color" feature in the Voxel Editor that was causing it to not save the updated voxel colors even though they appeared to change.
  • Fixed an issue where the Voxel Editor camera would occasionally rotate around 180 degrees after having used Shift + Right Click to move the camera up or down.
  • Partially fixed an issue with the first-person game camera where the camera could become positioned incorrectly (and generally go crazy) when using the right mouse button to look around while walking in combat. More fixes to come.
  • Fixed an issue in the Voxel Editor where voxels outside of the grid limits were incorrectly being saved with the model instead of being cropped out.
  • The interact cursor (green arrow) will no longer show when hovering over a tile with a script attached.
  • Fixed some various bugs relating to unnecessary refreshes of the entire Game Explorer resource tree (for example when creating or saving a voxel model or duplicating resources).
  • Fixed an issue where resizing the grid width or grid depth in the Voxel Editor would throw off the positioning of the voxels when generating meshes.
  • Fixed an issue where a newly created game project would not appear in the "Recent Games" list when returning to the Game Manager using the "Exit to Game Manager" toolbar button.
  • The tags filter in the resource selection panel is now properly refreshed whenever the tags for a model are modified and saved, or when the refresh button is pressed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Game Explorer would not always refresh properly after creating a new resource.
  • Fixed an issue in the Voxel Editor where voxels could not be placed in a newly added frame.
Dec 30 2016 Anchor
When can I access the version?
Dec 30 2016 Anchor

Hey there - apologies for any confusion. RPG in a Box has been in closed alpha since v0.3.1. It's currently in a "Founder's Access" period that I am running until Steam Early Access begins - if you are interested you can check it out here: Zeromatrix.itch.io

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