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PipEngine 2D

Main features:

  • Allegro based (in future openGL)
  • simple & friendly (in theory)
  • fast (I think that 60 fps is enough on ati x1600 and intel pentium D 805 and 6k objects :P)
  • SFML like syntax
  • simple to extend
  • object oriented
  • own GUI system
  • simple particles
  • font, sound and bitamps menager
  • own color class
  • hmm... so it's probably all :D

I'm making it mostly for us, but i want publish it on web :D
If you find a easter egg (one file) contact with me :P
If you want to stay tuned, follow me on twitter(@kadet1090) :D

SVN repository: (HTTP) Xp-dev.com

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Yay, pipEngine 2D is not dead! Really. I didn't write anything by long time, I know, I know but now pipEngine is my main project :P In last 3 days I wrote:
ScrollBar (YEAH!)
Some GUI examples
And "few" more.
Ahh, and I rewrote GUI render, now it's really better. Ehh, I really don't like writing news, so... It's all for now. Check pipEngine repo :
(Yes, Yes, I know, my english is really bad :<)

Demo published! Some new features!

Demo published! Some new features!


New PipEngine 2D demo has been just published! If you want to test it, just download and write comment!

New Screenshots! New features!

New Screenshots! New features!


Recently I added some new screenshots from pipEngine demo!

Small break... (2 months :D)

Small break... (2 months :D)


Some clarifications about pipEngine development break.

Pre-Alpha 1 for windows(minGW, vc++ 2010) released!

Pre-Alpha 1 for windows(minGW, vc++ 2010) released!


First pre-alpha of pipEngine 2D released, but only for windows.


I like it

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