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The FreeBASIC project is a set of cross-platform development tools initially created by Andre Victor, consisting of a compiler, GNU-based assembler, linker and archiver, and supporting runtime libraries, including a software-based graphics library. The compiler, fbc, currently supports building for i386-based architectures on the DOS, Linux, Windows and Xbox platforms. The project also contains thin bindings (header files) to some popular 3rd party libraries such as the C runtime library, Allegro, SDL, OpenGL, GTK+, the Windows API and many others, as well as example programs for many of these libraries. FreeBASIC is a high-level programming language supporting procedural, object-orientated and meta-programming paradigms, with a syntax compatible to Microsoft QuickBASIC. In fact, the FreeBASIC project originally began as an attempt to create a code-compatible, free alternative to Microsoft QuickBASIC, but it has since grown into a powerful development tool. FreeBASIC can be seen to ex

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Barren is a very good 2D first person adventure game in which you play a humanoid creature of unknown past, stranded in a strange deserted valley. The game's relatively short length to those experienced with it is of little significance, as the first time you play through this game, you will be challenged and amazed by Lachie's creative puzzles and storyline. The game contains quite a number of Easter Eggs as well as a fairly interactive environment. Even most seemingly irrelevant artifacts in the game have their own personal reaction.

The art work is some of the most interesting I've ever seen. It's dark/mystical-themed - not in a way which will give you nightmares, but you may find your chest chill on the inside as you progress through the story. The music featured in the game (9 unique tracks total) goes along with the game perfectly.

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