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Currently under development, the Epsilon game engine, is a new game engine, written from scratch under the OpenGL API with the purpose of multi-platform.

Complex Scenes - Multiple lights


-OpenGL 4.4
-GLSL 440 core
-Static & Dinamic Light
-Deferred Shading
-Shadow Mapping
-Enviromental Mapping
-Full Bullet Physics integration
-Multi platform: Linux, Windows & Mac OS X
-Normal, Bump, Phong lighting
-16x Anisotropic Filtering
-3D and dynamic Sky
-Indoor/Outdoor Enviroments
-Screen Space Reflections
-Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
-Particle System
-Post Processing effects
-Depth of Field

Epsilon Engine 2016 08 08 04 23


The Epsilon engine supports almost every texture format:
Among others

Epsilon Engine 2016 08 08 04 21


The Epsilon engine supports animated and static models. Uses MD5 format as the main animated format. Static models can be on any format, including .OBJ, .DAE, .Blend, etc.

Epsilon Engine 2016 07 31 04 54


Epsilon uses the BSP format by default, supporting PVS optimization.
For outdoor environments it uses octrees to allow the best performance keeping full graphical detail.
Maps can be compiled using any editor that can compile a 0x2e BSP map, including GTKRadiant.

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Rockstar Simulator

Rockstar Simulator


Started on May 2014, currently under development, using the brand new Epsilon game engine. Rockstar Simulator is a Third Person, Sandbox, Comedy game.

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