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The Drag[en]gine is a fully customizable game engine and game development environment designed with modularity and extensibility in mind not requiring expensive licenses.

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New game engine release combined with upgraded Visual Studio Code DragonScript extension.

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Drag[en]gine Game Engine 1.22 Release

This release contains more bug fixes, stability improvements and some new features to make it easier to develop games.

But first things first. Upon various requests the license of the Drag[eng]gine game engine has been adjusted to the MIT license. The previous L-GPL license did not affect the developer due to the way the game engine is designed but people feel more safe if the license is MIT. The license change is in effect as of now although the 1.22 will still contain the previous license file to make the change easier.

  • Drag[en]gine: Added variable unsigned integer and variable string support to decBaseFileReader and decBaseFileWriter.
  • Drag[en]gine: Hardening against thread dead-lock.
  • Drag[en]gine: Added new facial expressions supported by Meta facial expression extension (VR).
  • DragonScript: Updated igde template to provide VSCode project.
  • DragonScript: Added support to ECBehaviorCamera to load camera parameters from *.decamera file using property "pathParameters".
  • OpenGL: Hardened against thread data race and GPU driver bugs to better survive stallings.
  • WebP: Added support to mark images as grayscale although webp can not handle grayscale. This allows to use webp for grayscale images without consuming 3 times the memory. requires an EXIF metadata tag "UserComment" with value "dewebp:grayscale.
  • World Editor: Fixed and improved camera handling when viewing the world using an object camera to line up shots better.
  • Conversation Editor: Added paste conversation snippet command also to regular actions not just topic, if/else and wait actions.
  • Blender Scripts: Added homogenize tools.
  • Blender Scripts: Added export merge helper operator. this allows to organize exports in non-destructive way. before exporting use the operator to merge all objects in the same collection into the export object. especially supports merging shape keys combined with subdivision or decimate operators.
  • Blender Scripts: Added support to package for extension repository (Blender 4.2+ feature).

See the full changelog here: Changelog Release 1.22.

To help distribute your games find here also the updated distribution files for Steam and Microsoft App Store.

Visual Studio Code DragonScript Extension 2.0.0 Release

Here the fun begins. The old 1.0.0 version featured only syntax highlighting. The new and improved 2.0.0 contains full language server support with:

  • Provide Diagnostics
  • Show Code Completion Proposals
  • Show Hovers
  • Help With Function and Method Signatures
  • Show Definitions of a Symbol
  • Find All References to a Symbol
  • Highlight All Occurrences of a Symbol in a Document
  • Show all Symbol Definitions Within a Document
  • Show all Symbol Definitions in Folder
  • Possible Actions on Errors or Warnings
  • Rename Symbols

With this release Visual Studio Code has become now the official standard IDE for developing Drag[en]gine based games on Linux, Windows and other platforms. New game projects created using the IGDE contain now a ready made Visual Studio Code workspace file. All you need is installing the DragonScript extension from the Marketplace and get going.



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Nice work!

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lovely <3

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