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Viking Conquest Balance Mod's main version scales travel speeds based on map size compared to real world Britain. If you instead prefer Vanilla Viking Conquest's twice as fast as realistic speeds, download this alternate version.

Viking Conquest Balance Mod 8.0 alternate version
Tim@HoodedHorse Author
Tim@HoodedHorse - - 140 comments

This is the alternate version for players who prefer Vanilla Viking Conquest's 2x realistic travel speeds.

In the main version, travel speeds are instead realistic based on the map size compared to real-world Britain, using:
1) mounted travel times between London and York vs speeds achieved in the Tevis cup;
2) sea travel speeds from Ribe to London vs historical guesses at longboat speeds;
3) historical records of roman army marching speeds (couldn't find anything closer in time)

This also helps balance the economy (making fiefs more important), and improves the performance of AI lords.

But since some players like the vanilla fast travel speeds, I offer this version as well, and it contains every other Balance Mod change.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

This is date?

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Tim@HoodedHorse Author
Tim@HoodedHorse - - 140 comments

Balance Mod is up-to-date to the latest version of Viking Conquest.

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