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This is the source code to the "Nefarious" game engine I used for the Jackal, CastleVania, and Blaster Master games. It is based on the Quake1 source with some heavy modifications, including normal mapping. This source code will not run the Jackal game directly since more modifications have been made to the engine since then. This source will compile in MSVC++ without any problems and generate the nefarious.exe file under the release_gl folder. You should be able to import it into Visual Studio 2008 without any problems.

Source code for my normal mapped Q1 based Engine
leilei - - 5,721 comments

why is this 28mb?! Did you unnecessarily include the object files?!

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RottenTurd Author
RottenTurd - - 25 comments

*re-uploaded w/o obj*

I just dumped the whole folder to a rar file the first time. I'm uploading a bunch of my old in-progress work since I haven't touched anything in a year and a half. Better to have it online anyway in case the old HD crashes.

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