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This mod is a completely free standing game using a modified version of the Quake engine' It's a 3d side scrolling translation of the first stage of the original NES Castlevania' Weapons: - Dagger - Axe - Holy Water - Cross Boomerang I stopped working on this project a few years ago, but I still have some leftover monsters (werewolf, medusa heads, frankenstein's monster), a flying familiar bot, and some additional levels that didn't make it in the build' I also want to improve the graphics and do some more engine mods, so I picked the project back up again in April 2004'

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Minor Updates


We've gotten ourselves some new modellers, which will greatly aid us in the speed of things, since most the mapping is near done, we will post some screenshots when we can, the mod's page has also been slightly updated with some realitively new images and added a proper image to represent the mod, an assorted musical score has been decided on and Multiplayer has been confirmed now as well, we will do out best to keep this page updated from time to time

2 New Vids Posted


Hey guys, I've uploaded a couple of avi's for Castlevania. The first one is a comparison between the original NES version of the game and my...

New Castlevania release!

News 2 comments

The latest release of the Castlevania mod is out, so bust out your whips and get ready for some side-scrolling action! This game has the classic NES/SNES...

New download is ready (v. 1.69)


The download for version 1.69 is ready. Check it out here:

New download in 1 week


I've been working on re-doing the maps the last few days and I posted a few new screenshots. I'm guessing I have 2 more days of mapping, another 2 days...

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Source code for my normal mapped Q1 based Engine

Source code for my normal mapped Q1 based Engine

Source Code 2 comments

This is the source code to the "Nefarious" game engine I used for the Jackal, CastleVania, and Blaster Master games. It is based on the Quake1 source...

CastleVania '04 Demo

Full Version

This is the April '04 demo of the CastleVania mod.

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WulfeeGrey - - 239 comments

I heard this game was really great. Even though it was a bit old, it got a really good rating and also appeared in someones review for top ten uhm rpg games i think... i forgot XP. Great job!

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Packer - - 494 comments

Well I just started play the old NES versions and I remeber seeing this awhile ago, its come along alright but needs allot of work in all areas. Myabe not so much the 3D models but just the game play in general, very hard to kill any thing....

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Kasplatt - - 412 comments

w00t, quake. Is that you ? ^^
Good Job guys/guy... Looks pretty good, :)

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HitmanV - - 106 comments

Download it no matter what your doing!

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Ilseroth - - 1 comments

Alright, Ill be frank, despite infringing on copyrights this game is okay.

The game isn't bad graphics, considering the engine usd it is well modelled. Textures are low res tet still convey what they are supposed to be. Note: The boss bat is obviously an enlarged bat, due to this you can see the texture is bieng stretched, this distorts it quite a bit so watch out there, might want to get a new texture.

Pretty much a straight rip from castlevania the quality is decent but there are bugs with sound effects such as dying. The quality is kind of back and forth, music is the classic castlevania but sound effects are off.

The starting controls are pretty muc unusable, your fingers are all over the board. Luckily the option to change those are there which is very useful. after changing the keys it became easy to hop all over the place. the only big control problem is attacking creatures comming in from the side cant really be hit.

Gameplay is kind of back and forth, the AI is sloppy and animation is glitchy. The AI is kind of annoying in these ways

Common Bats:
Swooping in from the sides make them impossible to hits, however who really needs to when you cn simply out run them.

Walking in from sides slowly, easy targets btu thats understandable, but yet again; they can just be run by.

Aqua Creatures: Kinda just stand there, though now and then they actually move.. and jump backwards through walls.

Big Boss Bat:
AI is fine on this guy actually, with fireballs flying its actually a challenging fight as long as you were low on health in that. But the Ai is fine, flyign back and forth hurling fireballs at the player.

Animation Problems:
Really only a few animation problems; first of all is the aqua creatures, they just appear, instead of jumping on screen. No only that their movement is rigid.

Bugs, GLitches and General **** me offs:
1) Dying camera is buggy, twice I didnt die yet the camera scew, then I couldnt leave the screen at end of level. also this made i treally hard to play. I couldn't recreate this event, it was random, so I am unsure how to fix.

2) Dying Sound is buggy also, seems that if a soudn effect is already bbieng played it seems that it completely overrides the death sound so it doesnt lay it.

3) As you know that dying doesnt restore health, it jsut sets you to (i think) an auto save at beginning of level. This isnt how it played, but then again if you died in old version suaully it started you at half point or beginning of stage.

4) Bat movement is straight, in old game it swerved up and down, not going straight towards the player which is not only not goign with classic vania just makes it too easy to klll them

5) I know you knew this was comming, but I myself prefer the good ol 2d, but I wont let that effect my ratings or remarks.

6) As you walk through the stage big pillars go in front of screen, constantly intruding on gameplay.

Im done for now, and other then that I must say for a freeware game converting the old castlevania its nto bad at all, though sorry to be critical, I am a game designer for a full game dev group thats making freeware mmo so I have to be a bit critical of everything so sorry if I was a bit harsh. It is a okay game and at first it didn't seem great but once I changed controls it was okay and entertaining.

Good luck and I can't wait to see if you fix some of the bugs and problems and mayube get some High res textures.


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WillKill4Food - - 4 comments

From all the comments that people posted, I gotta check dis out for meself! If only the download wasn't as slow as it is. Sigh.

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RottenTurd Creator
RottenTurd - - 25 comments

yeah, i already changed that after my friends complained about it, so that fix will be in the next release. I just didn't want people flying through the game in 5 minutes since I only have 1 stage so far.

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leilei - - 5,721 comments

Played it and got stuck, shame life can't replenish after you restart after dying :O

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lillbrorsan - - 754 comments

should get an award...

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BloodShed - - 231 comments

Nice work :D

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