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Patch for Episode 4 of the AMC Squad. Includes a bunch of fixes.

AMC Squad v4.0.0 to v4.1.0 PATCH
Guest - - 688,627 comments

The game dont launch with patch or without it, i press start and the launcher closes, i waited and still dont launch. i followed all the steps of installation, any fix?

runtime src|
0.0620s INFO| Started at 2022-11-03 10:37:48.327
0.0653s INFO| AMCDuke32 r10243-ff0065720
0.0673s INFO| Built Oct 30 2022 20:16:10, GCC 12.2.0, 64-bit
0.0689s INFO| Using directory F:/Programas/AMC Squad ep3/AMCSquad_EP4/
0.0784s INFO| OS: Windows 10 (build 10.0.19044)
0.0804s INFO| CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor
0.0821s INFO| Initializing SDL 2.0.22
0.2667s GFX| Detecting video modes for display 0 (Generic PnP Monitor)...
0.2709s INFO| Searching for game data...
1.3308s INFO| Using AMCSQUAD.GRP as main data file.
1.3325s INFO| Using file 'AMCART.GRP' as game data.
1.3420s CON| Compiling: CODE/AMC_MAIN.CON (254782 bytes)
1.3481s CON| Using definitions file: AMCSQUAD.DEF.
2.2061s CON| Compiled 11255000 bytes in 863ms
3.2060s VM| The AMC Squad - Episode 4 - 4.1.0

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Sangman Author
Sangman - - 23 comments

Is "Programas" the Spanish version of "Program Files"? If so, try extracting the zip in a different directory.

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

Nope, i tried a clean installation in different directories but the problem continues, Seems like the problem is only mine, maybe a software-dll or s.o issue, idk, well anyways thx i enjoyed the anniversary edition a lot.

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Jblade35 - - 426 comments

our engine programmer is taking a break, not sure when he'll be back but we'll try and help you out when he returns.

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

It looks like this patch broke the cutscene after the Base Invasion for me. The game freezes after Micky says "I won't let us stay out of action for long..." Replaying the level or lowering the resolution did not help.

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Sangman Author
Sangman - - 23 comments

Just tested this, works fine for me. Does the log say anything?

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Ahov - - 2 comments

Thanks for your work, this game looks amazing.

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