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Electroplasmatic Games is an indie games development studio located in Barcelona, we are 4 people working to offer an entertainment and funny games!

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Freedom Poopie

Freedom Poopie


Project is in alpha, demo available below!! Welcome to Freedom Poopie Freedom Poopie is an original and funny platform game developed with Unreal Engine...

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RT @DanRaigorodskyB: Take advantage to buy #FreedomPoopie for easter hollidays -15% Off, Store.steampowered.com T.co

Mar 27 2018

Store.steampowered.com Freedom Poopie is back on @steam_games T.co

Apr 6 2017

RT @SomosXbox: Seguimos en la presentación de ‘Skara The Blade Remains’ T.co

Jul 7 2016

Black Friday is here, check out Freedom Poopie! Happy weekend! Store.steampowered.com T.co

Nov 26 2015

New Patch notes at Steamcommunity.com A lot of new features, don't miss it! @steam_games #indiedev #gaming T.co

Nov 20 2015

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Nov 11 2015

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Nov 10 2015

New blog entry! Indiegamesdevblog.blogspot.com.es About the DLC concept we are developing atm, check it! #indiedev #gaming

Nov 9 2015

Empieza la presentación de @DanRaigorodskyB espectacular!! @citilab #indiedev

Nov 7 2015