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Bunnycopter is an indie game development studio based in Leuven, Belgium. We are currently working on our first game Broken Bots. A chaotic multiplayer warfare game played with malfunctioning robots. For more information visit www.brokenbotsgame.com

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Broken Bots

Broken Bots


Broken Bots is an online multiplayer top-down shooter in which multiple teams battle for control of the map. Complete objectives to keep your systems...

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RT @Lightspeed_Halo: @Bunnycopter Really enjoyed Broken Bots today! Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun online/local game :) T.co

Jul 27 2016

RT @GamingPointsDe: Gamingpoints.de Einmal Roboter mit Fehlfunktion, bitte. Offenbar soll es zu dem Spiel sogar giveaways geben :o Infos folgen!

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RT @ScythePlaysYT: It's a bit late, but I finally got to take a look at #BrokenBots :D @Bunnycopter Youtu.be

Jul 5 2016

RT @VGReloaded: Broken in just name or also in game? Our review of indie-shooter #BrokenBots for #PS4 is now live Goo.gl

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