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Project Stealth's Spy Character won third place in the "Custom Character" category of Epic Games' "Make Something Unreal Contest." Model and skin by goodkebab, UT3 coding by LennardF1989.

Spy Model
metatronstar - - 122 comments

Damned shame this isnt on the ps3 id give you some hot feedback, you big winner you i vote 10 ANYWAY :D

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TheCheatSeeker185 - - 176 comments

what do you mean

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Yeahitswill - - 3 comments

he means its too bad it hasnt been edited to be used on the ps3, which can be done, unfortunately, i dont know how to do it, but take a look at ut3mod.com, and they have mutators, and skins for ut3 for the ps3

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klemen1702 - - 131 comments

how do you use it in ut3? im a noob :)

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dustinsmith - - 10 comments

Go Into your "My documents" folder From there your "My Games" Folder, from there your "Unreal tournament 3" . Usually from that point the readme file tells you were the Files Go, but if they don't the character files usually go into (each slash stands for another folder)
Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomChars

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TurdDrive - - 241 comments

That was the best explanation ever :D (Y)

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Twiggy. - - 24 comments

awesome character. I'm still running around ut3 as the spy.

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frvge Author
frvge - - 109 comments

That's nice to hear :)

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ChaosTheoryWho - - 1 comments

Is this gonna make it to the ps3 at some point, i think i read somewhere it was mentioned (other than here ) also it says ps3 at the profile under platforms on this page.

and off topic, i just want to say that this has been an enlightening day! to have discovered that for around 2 years or so my DREAM of someone recreating the phenomenal experience that was SvM has been shared with that of fellow fanatics! Thankfully You guys have what it takes to make this everything it can be and more!

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UT3 - - 16 comments

Holy Crap This is Really sick im downloading

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