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Your squad was attacked at a nearby military rally point on the way back to base. Your job is to survive long enough for backup to come.

SinKing - - 3,119 comments

not really much to see here, but it looks liks a cool KF map - I always like them when you DON'T see that much. Remindsme of "KF_swamps" a little bit.

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[LT]Chris Author
[LT]Chris - - 3 comments

Lol yea... Its just a bad screenshot because of the noise effect overlay making it darker for 1 and 2 I only screened a small portion of the map. The rest is underground. :)

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arramus - - 206 comments

It's like a warren underground and gets very claustrophobic when you're surrounded by brain munchers. I particularly like the transition between inside and outside. You handled the terrain very well.

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