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Now working on Dark October, a 3D action RPG similar to the Fable game series, but in an urban world. Make your choices to decide your power and style! For centuries, October has been a month to commemorate the brave heroes who wielded the power of the elements that brought the demons to their knees, and forced them out of our world once and for all. No one really believed those stories were true. Until one October went dark, when demons came out of nowhere and killed a lot of people. Five years later, they called it Dark October. Ever since then, the sky is forever dark and the demons, they thrive in the darkness, roaming freely in almost every street and building out there. The setting of each level in the game will be in an area of the city or suburb where the demons have taken over. The objective is to identify the dark emissary and defeat it with enchanted swords and magic enhanced by slaying dark emissaries.

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Wielding the enchanted sword in Dark October enables you to slash your enemies, knock them back or knock them down...

Stay tuned for more updates from the developers of Dark October next month!

In Dark October, no one shares the same face, every person you meet is unique!

A different face for every person you meet in Dark October! Some young, some old...

Imagine exploring the vast world of Dark October, adventuring through memorable experiences with these NPCs…

Faces young or old, no NPC you meet in Dark October is the same!

Happy holidays to you all from the developers of Dark October! Stay in touch with us next month for more development updates!

Before October went dark, the new shopping centre at Shorecliffe was full of life! A lot of people were excited about what this place has to offer.

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Please note that we now have monthly updates from now onwards! Stay tuned every month for the latest updates from the developers of Dark October!

The time when the supernatural visits our world. Beware of demons, their laughter makes hollowed bodies go frenzy.

Watch different NPCs running around in a crowd using AI pathfinding and navigation.

This Halloween, we'll be showcasing a video about Dark October, don't miss out!

In Dark October, NPC age as you progress in the game. Actions come with consequences, choose wisely...

NPC Aging

In-game screenshots of various NPCs in the world of Dark October with different age and body builds. No one character is the same as the other!

Adult NPCs in the world of Dark October. No one character is the same as the other!

Some elderly persons still managed to survive Dark October. Observe the detail and differences in their appearances!

In-game screenshots of our work in progress on the suburban areas since Dark October... Stay tuned every two weeks for more updates on the development of Dark October!

Work In Progress: View of a suburb since Dark October.

Work In Progress: View of a suburb since Dark October.

Work In Progress: View of a suburb since Dark October.

More in-game screenshots of the newly constructed shopping centre built to meet the demands of the growing population in Shorecliffe.

Endurance Sports for all active wear and needs.

Dining delight with an outdoor view.

Classy dining with the world within your view.

More lively characters with facial expressions made possible by successfully importing blendshapes into Unity! Watch our vertex or morph animations in action!