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Now working on Dark October, a 3D action RPG similar to the Fable game series, but in an urban world. Make your choices to decide your power and style!

For centuries, October has been a month to commemorate the brave heroes who wielded the power of the elements that brought the demons to their knees, and forced them out of our world once and for all.

No one really believed those stories were true. Until one October went dark, when demons came out of nowhere and killed a lot of people. Five years later, they called it Dark October. Ever since then, the sky is forever dark and the demons, they thrive in the darkness, roaming freely in almost every street and building out there.

The setting of each level in the game will be in an area of the city or suburb where the demons have taken over. The objective is to identify the dark emissary and defeat it with enchanted swords and magic enhanced by slaying dark emissaries.

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Wielding the enchanted sword in Dark October enables you to slash your enemies, knock them back or knock them down...

Stay tuned for more updates from the developers of Dark October next month!

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