The True Slime King is single player hardcore puzzle platformer with a focus on tight controls, challenging maneuvers, and mind-bending puzzles. All of this is achieved with just three buttons: left, right, and jump. Use your sliminess to stick to walls and cling to ceilings in order to avoid obstacles and reach hidden items. Whether you're a speed demon crushing records or you're just interested in progress through the story mode, one thing is guaranteed: you will die a lot in the process. But don't worry, you'll be respawned and back in the action just as fast as you can die.

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I've been developing The True Slime King for 1.5 years now. There have been a lot of ups and downs, but somehow I managed to stick with it... and here we are now at the release of The True Slime King (Early Access). In this post, I just want to briefly talk about some of the features in the game and the struggles I've had with creating them.

Level Design

The game currently has 115 levels (not including the overworld and cutscenes) that I've spent countless hours trying to perfect. They are definitely not perfect, but I tried to make them at least entertaining. I wanted to create an experience for the player where they felt both empowered and challenged at the same time. My approach to implementing this was to build up the player's skills in one level and then put those skills to the test in the following levels, continuously forcing the player to redefine what they thought was possible and how they approach solving a given challenge.

Level Editor

Man oh man! I wish I created the level editor sooner. The built in room editor for GameMaker Studio gets the job done, but level design quickly becomes tedious when you have to wait for a large game to compile just to test a minor change to a level. It did take me a decent amount of time to actually develop the in-game level editor. I knew that I eventually wanted one so that players would be able to make their own games, but for a long while I didn't see it as worth the time it would take to build it. Once it was built, it quickly became apparent that it was well worth the time invested. On top of that, I could offer players the level editor right away once the game launched into early access instead of them having to wait for it to be developed. This should provide some extra entertainment value while I'm completing the hard mode levels for the game.

Fancy Walls

For some reason I got into my head that I had to make the graphics for the walls in my game a certain way, but it just so happened that making the walls that way was a lot more demanding on the CPU when playing, especially in areas where there are lots of walls on screen. It took a lot of fine tuning, bug fixing, and tweaking to get the walls to the place where they aren't such an drag on game performance. The walls are actually made of layers. The bottom layer is a master sprite that's 256x256 (so each wall block has to select the correct sprite from the master sprite). The outer layer selects its sprite out of 47 possibilities depending on what its neighbors are. Over the course of the game, I've implemented several things trying to increase the performance of the game, especially in the large one-room overworld. One of the biggest things I've implemented that's upped the performance is the chunk loaded (which I wrote an article about). The chunk loader drastically reduced the load time of the overworld to about 1/10 of the time it used to take.

I could talk forever about all the decisions I've made throughout the development of the game, but I wanted to keep the post short today. I just wanted to have something to celebrate the launch of the game.

Chunk Loading for Large Worlds

Chunk Loading for Large Worlds


I've begun implementing a chunk loading system since my larger levels can have a lot of instances that need to be initialized.

Reworking the Overworld

Reworking the Overworld


It's been many months since I last posted an update on The True Slime King, but I've still been working hard on it. I wanted to talk about one of the...

New Lock Animation

New Lock Animation


130/230 levels complete. Added new lock animation.

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The True Slime King Alpha 1.3

The True Slime King Alpha 1.3


Precision platformer where you play as a slime with the goal of reaching the goo pile at the end of each level to become stronger and stronger until you...


So I was just sitting down playing this for a while, I really like how unique a lot of the mechanics are, the sticking to roofs and such is a really cool idea!

I'd say this is going pretty well, I just have a few recommendations to consider as you progress:
-Maybe use space bar for jumping/enter for selecting levels. With jump and level select both bound to the "j" key I didn't figure out how to do either until I went through pressing every button on my keyboard. Space is often used for jumping because your thumb is usually resting on it, I'm sure you have your own reason for using J so maybe just an option somewhere in the finished game?

-When it came to selecting levels I had no idea what to do, tried clicking, pressing lots of buttons, if there was a prompt to say "j" is to select that would be fine, but if you're not going to prompt you should probably try using keys people will think of sooner.

-With the blue slimes, the introduction to them feels a bit unneeded where it is, it's important to teach your player about them, but maybe in a section where it would feel more meaningful.

Overall this is looking like a great game and I hope you get to finish it because I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy it! Best of luck!

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BflySamurai Creator

Thanks for your input! There's a lot of stuff I want to implement in the game and a lot I want to improve. I'm definitely going to take your comments into consideration.

I think the next thing I'll work on is making the the controls more obvious or include some kind of tutorial. I'm also going to implement custom key bindings at some point. I originally was using "J" for jump because the character originally had a few powers they could use, so I had them under "K" and "L", but now there's no real reason to have the default jump button be "J".

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It's no trouble at all!

Yeah, even while you're in alpha states obvious controls or tutorials can be pretty important for the sake of testers. The alternate powers makes a lot of sense as to why you'd choose those buttons.

But yeah this game looks like it will become a really fun platformer as you continue development, I'll keep an eye on it to see if there are newer builds to test at later stages as well.

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