SugarMill comes to break the rules of village building simulation. Get ready to deal with food expiration, thirst, real world measurements and transportation of goods with horse drawn carriages. Can you survive?

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SugarMill v0.4


Hi, community!

The version is now at 0.4! I'm really excited seeing how the game has rolled out and how players are connecting with the game. I have corrected, adjusted or added over 200 different things in this new version. Also now the game has 28 different quests to complete.


Well! Let me say that last Saturday, Sep 9 was the best day in sales for the game. After 9 months in Early Access. We doubled the best sale ever.

I want to say that in the beginning, it was not like that and at times I felt really discouraged. One day thinking about my skills I realized I was completely naive in the Marketing field and then decided to familiarize myself with it. I ended up reading 5 books and marketing they all are key elements of the success of the game. Which are slowly starting to show up.

By no means, do I want to portrait the game as perfect or done. The game still has its known and unknown issues.

Sneak peak to coming art:



Lumbermill WIP


Here I'm sharing the books I'm giving credit to for the bit of knowledge I got about marketing.

The Tipping Point

Growth Hacker Marketing

All Marketers All Liars

The Lean Startup

Also, I read an ebook on game marketing that was good too (Sorry can't find the link anymore) The title is: VideoGame Marketing and PR

From my perspective I feel that my lack of knowledge in marketing was brought up to a new standard, I fell well versed on how to develop a product that consumers will actually consume. In today's society, everyone is bombarding us with different products to spend time on, starting with social media all the way to the news channels. Certainly, that is one of the end goals of any product, get users to spend the biggest amount of time on your product and that my friend is a huge challenge, I took on a few months ago.

In the beginning, I was seeing majority of users playing the game for 1, 5, 10 minutes and closing the game and it was heartbreaking. I started to slowly improve this by making countless modifications in the user experience and now I see half of the players playing more, some have played 9, 14, and even 15 hours in one single day! So I'm really happy to see over 700 games published last August on Steam and the over 4000 games published so far this year players are finding SugarMill spending some time in it!

In my Marketing learning process, I also learnt that a user will make a lens for a product in less than 3 seconds. Basically, any person has a set of established rules and expectations for every product in the market and based on that, in less than 3 seconds you will make a quick and definite judgment on any given product. That initial judgment will be the lens on how you will perceive the rest of the product. Therefore your product has to make a good impression right away in the user's eyes regardless what that means.

Source: Steam Spy

The average gamer has over 30 years and is being gaming for over 15 years so if you are creating a game. Be sure that standards have to be met due to the crazy amount of games out there. Your product has to be good for real.


The game community has grown a lot and is getting active slowly. I'm really pleased how users have helped me fix bugs and suggestions to change the game!

SugarMill's Roadmap

- Path priorities(4) road type, dirt, gravel, stone, bricks (diff speed bonus boost)

- Decorative items(3)

- Allow/forbid products into Storage(2)

- Livestock(2)

- A well or way to collect water from river(2)

- On shift + bulldoze = demolish roads only(2)

- Immigrants(2) (set in dock amount of them) max of 5% of locals, coming in every 7-15 years

- Spacebar pause

- Job prioritize button (so workers do jobs you need to get done first)

- Auto trade or recurring orders (every year, every 2 years, 5 years)

- Research tree

- House upgrades

- Crown quest for export wood

- People (adults) list to select them by click

- Heavy load and Wheelbarrow prioritize orders

- Show a list of workers in buildings

- Walk around the village in 1st person camera

- People if over fertility age should not move out of their parents

- While placing road should show red if not placeable

- Shipyard will need hardwood to build ships

- Slavery

- Inland defense(combat)


I have done at least 33 different patches since Dec 16th, 2016. And I'm saying at least because I have updated the game a few times and haven't had time to post a patch about it. That's 273 days divided by 33, I have updated the game in average every 8.3 days. Just realized that and wanted it to share it!

v0.4 Hotfix 1

v0.4 Hotfix 2

Sep 15th patch!


I want to make clear that the game is still a work in progress and still has a journey to finish, but overall I'm really happy with the path its taking.

If you lack any knowledge, now matter how boring the topic may sound, I would go on Amazon and research the best books on it. Then buy it and read it every night a few pages at a time. I also take notes of what I read every night it is like a reminder for your own mind just writing it out again!

Also, follow your guts and keep working hard. To develop any kind of product and be profitable is an uphill walk with many obstacles in the way; however, if you persist you will reach the top!

SugarMill's version 0.5 is coming Dec 15th!

Thanks for your time guys!

SugarMill Version 0.3 Available

SugarMill Version 0.3 Available

News 1 comment

A summary of the new features added on SugarMill Version 0.3.

SugarMill v0.2 is Available

SugarMill v0.2 is Available


SugarMill v0.2 is here. In this article, I explain and lay out the improvements and additions to this new version of the game.

SugarMill : Dec 15th : Early Access

SugarMill : Dec 15th : Early Access


SugarMill is coming to Early Access Thursday Dec 15th. Here I summarize the main features that are in this version.

SugarMill Dev Log 10

SugarMill Dev Log 10

News 2 comments

What I have done in the last six weeks on the game. Game is coming to release Dec 15th on Steam.

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SugarMill's Official Trailer Early Access [English

SugarMill's Official Trailer Early Access [English


SugarMill's Official Trailer Early Access [English]

SugarMill Greenlight GamePlay

SugarMill Greenlight GamePlay


Vote now on Greenlight. Find the link on the summary of the game.

SugarMill Official Greenlight Trailer [English]

SugarMill Official Greenlight Trailer [English]


SugarMill Official Greenlight Trailer [English]. Here a farmer is narrating the story how they got to that land, survive, and thrive.

Thursday Mar 10th Coming to Steam GreenLight

Thursday Mar 10th Coming to Steam GreenLight


SugarMill is ready for Greenlight : Next Thursday Mar 10th

Mar 10th Coming to Steam GreenLight

Mar 10th Coming to Steam GreenLight


This video is the announcement of the date the game is coming to Greenlight

SugarMill's Concept. Oct 2015

SugarMill's Concept. Oct 2015


SugarMill's Concept. Oct 2015 Game short teaser. Oct 2015


Ready for voting!!!

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looks good guys. Keep it going

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hi guys, I've been told that you are working on a sandbox city building simulation in Unity, so I had to stop by.

Awesome work, keep the track.

I'm also working on a city building simulation, so if you are interested in sharing experiences, visit my site or drop a mail to

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Good to see someone in a similar situation, and the game sounds very interesting. I'll be keeping it on my radar! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
naaturaz Creator

Thanks. Yea. Working on a game like this takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. I hope everything goes well with your project too. And please let me know if I could help you with anything.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So,Banished+Tropico+some Port Royale?Tracking:)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
naaturaz Creator

Honored being compared with those titles. This game is more focused on what a new city on the Caribbean went thru to thrive on the 15-16th century.


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Awesome bananas.Will enjoy;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
naaturaz Creator

Certainly a lot of bananas and coconuts on the game :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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