A 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle game about overcoming even the darkest days. Find help in a dreamlike world as you struggle to fight back against the ruling forces of evil.

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Are his feet going to properly track up slopes? like with a rig so his bottom feet will look more proper on a flat walk whilst his front engage the slop for a hop...
Very interesting design, the animation is very nice, one thing I'm wondering though, how much in depth will you go about creating a death scene? Will it be more mario-esque? Something where he would simply fall off the map, disappear? Or perhaps a little more violent where your character is tossed around a bit, there doesn't even have to be blood, just something to show this thing is a vile creature.
Also, with the speed he looks to be achieving have you considered that it would be an enemy that randomly appears behind/in-front of the player, that way it would be more surprising than standard pre-placed enemies as well as adding a fear element, a run-from-me-I'm-not-here-to-hug-you feel. Another note on speed, will the camera take a step back? Widen your view a little so it's easier to avoid this thing, I myself think it'd be more frustrating than annoying to have him chasing me in the normal screen-space presented, (which is perfect for un-timed platforming).

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Decade_Design Author

Currently there is no tracking AND there is no animation for the player death. The key problem is that the game's main artist simply doesn't have the necessary time to make the assets we need. Ideally, the demo will be good enough to impress people and we'll launch a KS (or something similar) so that we can pay for the artist to go full time.


As for the camera, we have a system in place to change the camera perspective during certain areas to make the *whole* of a puzzle or obstacle more visible, just like you said! Though, admittedly, it isn't used in the demo yet.

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Murilo did some of his best animation work on the movements for this "Skullhound" creature, which will kill the player just by touch.

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