BUILD Awesome powerful Robots, DRIVE them into battle, and FIGHT online in an epic Free-To-Play battle for supremacy. Build a Robotank, build a Hover Speeder or a Thrust Powered Flier and join an already huge and rapidly growing community of Robocrafters. The Robocraft Alpha is released NOW!

"Balanced yet complex. The fun increases each update."
Indie of the Year 2014 I Player's Choice
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Most fun game this year.
Also has sweet devs/mods that will try to help you whenever you need it.


Very high quality game. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.

-Quenn1599 (Guardian Angel on Robocraft Forums)
In-Game/Forums Moderator


10/10 Why?

Freedom to create battle machines
exciting pvp battles
physics based movements
excellent advancement system
anti pay-to-win model
free players benefit from paying players
developers are very active in the Robocraft community
fast developer response to community
developers work fast to add content and fix issues
easy to pick up and hard to put down
first F2P game I have wanted to and have financially supported
In its current alpha state the game is very polished and playable
developers regularly give away free premium days to all players
Paying doesn't give you an advantage on the battle field
Paying supports development, buys premium time, buys cosmetics
intuitive, streamlined UI
intuitive game play
good music and sound effects
Boss Battles!
There is so much to this game. I've logged 300+ hours and still look forward to playing a few matches before I go to bed every evening.

Major props to the Robocraft dev team

With such a high degree of versatility of combat and personalization the game offers hours of fun. In most games there are weak points and standardized strategies for combat, the same applies to Robocraft. However the difference is that in this game the strategy is ever changing. Every individual has their own take on the design and as such every fight must be taken a little differently; a weak point on the top rather than the bottom, or weaker armour on the back. The strategies are as endless as the enjoyment and diversity this game entails.

Well balanced yet complex, also intuitive building. The fun increases by each update.


because the game is a new genre of gaming, build your own tank, and battle with it is a incredible experience, also the game is still in E.AC.
-Weekly Updates
-Excelent Commnunity
-Good Engine
-Best Dev ever
-Even with just a few maps, never a battle is the same.
9/11 IGN


Best game !! Its on early stage and its already amazing! Tottaly worths to try this one!


best game ever

About 5 month ago this game was absolute amazing, but the devs had successfully destroyed it. With every update it become worse. First there were these overpowered rail guns and when they finally balanced them, they implemented a stupid flak which makes flying units useless. Everything which isn't necessary costs now GC instead of RP. Even the glass and lights costs now real money!

I love this game, you can Build robots and fight with them.
I like it to build custom cars (like trees, ambulance, rockets, and more...)
And i like it to fight with this crazy cars.
The game is really great but the server are not very stable.
You get often a server problem... (third party programm "")
Its a little bit crap with this but hey its ok. This problem dont make the game worse. I mean you can build a fcking awesome ship or a tree. Its crazy xD
Its very cool to see what anopther players build for a custom car.
Often i think: "Arrgg the CPU is to low" but i try to build the robot smaller :D And yea it works. :D
Love _Hatsune_Miku

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Highest Rated (29 agree) 10/10

Most fun game this year.
Also has sweet devs/mods that will try to help you whenever you need it.

Dec 19 2013 by lwardogl

Lowest Rated (9 agree) 1/10

Devs ruined a game I used to love playing. Would have given a 10/10 last year but now its a 3 (because I am new will be reduced or raised accordingly).

Now down to a 1 due to buffs on rails that didn't need it.

I can't give negative score after the latest fuck up update from FreeJam, Thanks for fucking ruining the game for an old player.

Jul 5 2015 by MarineIguana