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Pixel Piracy is a side-scrolling 2d, real time strategy/sandbox/simulation game created by indie developer Vitali Kirpu. In the game, the player controls the crew of a pirate ship. The player must sail the ship over a number of sea zones, each with events procedurally generated in a roguelike fashion, while facing against pirates and other hostile forces, recruiting new crew members, keeping discipline and outfitting and upgrading their ship and many more. Combat takes place in pausable real time, and if the ship is destroyed or the crew lost, the game ends, requiring the player to restart.

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just awesome!

Wow, a 10/10, but why?!

Why? because this game managed to captured my heart immediately, with its excellent sound effects, cute, even if unpolished, pixel art and the ability to not only lead a pirate life, but do it with your own customized ship and crew.

the promised features will make it from a 8/10 right now to the 10/10 it could be. should be. will be.

this one is bound to be a classic, and not reviewing it as such would only make me look fool in hindsight.

Just an awesome pirate game - similar in some ways to FTL this is a great roguelike piracy sim. Great style, loads of fun.

I don't give games a 10/10 that often, if not ever. But this game has so much going on for it, and it is under the radar right now. So, do yourself a favor, download the demo, have an awesome time, and then buy this game, cause it really is a gem.

If you like pirates, and high sea adventure in highly randomized generated worlds, this is the game for you! It is very unforgiving, so you have to be very sure about your intentions when you play. One false planning and you have to start over from scratch (although there outside methods to save your game if you want to "cheat" save so do not worry).

But the gameplay is fun, the art style, and sound effects are smarmy and swaggy. If you don't like this game, just walk the plank, because you don't enjoy fun things evidently :)

Pixel Piracy is a loveable game with its own barrel of charm the mood seems perfect and I can just forget all my other needs. I can't help but hear the sounds the pirates make every now and again even when I'm not playing.

Very interested to see where this games goes down the line. The loss of my pirates may seem a bit unforgiving at the moment but I'l only try harder next time !

If you like a bit of randomness and the ability to design your own ship, assemble your crew whilst managing their needs then you might as well try this out.

Pixel Piracy, a game you have to play.

It has everything you seek in a game, ambience, feeling and gameplay. It is really a beautifull game. The way this game can be played is never the same, it depends all on the world generation and crew choice. You can be a very mean captain, who will kill someone for stealing his money, or a very good captain, who will share his rum with his crew.

Overall a very good game, played Alpha for like 5 days now and I am still playing it. Great job!

Pixel pirate is a great game. Even in allpha, it was alot of fun


Weasho says

May contain spoilers 2 agree 1 disagree

New players do not get a chance to try and get used to the game, you get severely punished for losing, even if you make a new save game to try and start anew the effect of your losses mirror on your new game. Keeping track of multiple things within a currently bad interface layout/design at the pase things roll, doesn't go well with how fast hunger and/or morale drops. Your crew seem to turn against you before you can do anything about it.

I enjoy the game design and mechanics a lot, but currently as nothing is self explanatory and the pase is too high on parts of the game that make it too confusing. I do not enjoy the gameplay enough to keep trying. I end up pressing Alt+F4 due to being frustrated, so I'll wait for release to play again. This was decided this after two Alt+F4 and about 7-8 attempts at the game. I do not believe an online guide should have to be used. I'm looking forward updates and the full release! Cheers

Update: I decided to attempt, over and over again, the pirate part along with the looks, sends me back to the game. Even if it is still way too hard for my liking. I'm hopeful for future updates and hope to see such things as boat presets, so that you do not have to remake your boat, and captain shifting, in case your captain runs in and dies and the rest of your crew manages to fend of the remaining. Oh, and ship log! Cheers

Awesome game, neat gameplay! Good Work guys!

Bom : D

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