Olvand is a little multiplayer sandbox RPG, where the players live in self-built towns and can go on all kinds of adventures together. Imagine living with your friends in a small town in the mountains, or creating a new group of friends in a pub in the metropole you all live in. There will be several mini-games the inhabitants of a server can play together, among which will be combat based games like King of the Hill or Capture the Flag. You will be able to play against other people in your city, or as a city against another city, or as a whole server against another server. The combat works with self-built guns, in which all kinds of powers can be combined to create unique effects.

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Feb 20 2013 Anchor

There are a lot of people that ask questions about the game so i decided to make a guide.

Basic things you should know:
-Walk with wasd or the arrow keys
-You can walk faster for a short amount of time with the shift key
-You can interact with things by pressing the e key
-for more inventory space you can equip a backpack
-you can use alt+enter to go fullscreen
-Click on an object and then on combine to craft something

Let's get into crafting:

First you need some branches, you can get them by interacting with a tree (press the e key).
After that you should collect some flowers and stones, with these thing you can make an axe.
To craft some string to tie the branch and the stone together you need to put flowers in the crafting grid like this:

F F so you just need to put two flowers next to each other.

F= flower

now it's time to make the axe you make it like this:


St= stone
S= string
B= branch

Congratulations you just crafted your first axe.
now we can get some wood so stand next to the tree, press e and click on ''cut tree''
Do that a few times until you have 8 wood.

Housing in Olvand:

In Olvand players can build their own houses and create a town.
So for our own house we need 8 wood, click on the blueprint you have in your backpack (you get a blueprint when you for first time spawn in a world)
and click on ''Build this'' click on the spot where you want it and a building site will be constructed.
Here you can store the items to build it so you don't need to carry everything at once, the interesting part is that you can build houses with other people this will come in handy when you want to build a town hall.
In a house you can store items in the drawers but if you look in the drawers you notice there is a surprise, there are a lot of blueprints in there!
you can build all sorts of fun stuff with it like clothes or even a scooter!

The gun:

The coolest things in Olvand are guns, you can use them for all sorts of stuff.
you can fight with them or you can use them underground.
So to make a gun you need only one wood and a tool (you get this also in the beginning of the game so look in your inventory it should be there).
You put the wood in the crafting window and you keep the tool in your inventory, that's how you craft hte gun.
A gun also needs ammo in Olvand you use olbs to shoot, you can find olbs all around the world you just need to walks around for a bit.
To place an olb in your gun you need to place your gun in the equip slot and press e near the olb, click on ''place in gun'' and press the up and down keys to place it where you want after that press enter.
You probably noticed that when you put the gun in your equip slot the inventory changes, this is the gun interface.
You shoot the gun with the left, middle and right mouse buttons or the zxc keys.
In the gun interface you can do all sorts os fun stuff to make it how you want with olbifiers, I'm not gonna describe how this works because i don't know much about olbifiers so someone else can make a tutorial on that.

The underground:

If you have a shovel you can dig a hole in the yellow sand.
to make a shovel you need string, wood and a branch, you place it like this in the crafting grid:


W= Wood
S= String
B= Branch

after that you need to put a ladder in the hole to go underground.
You craft a ladder like this:


B= Branch
S= String

It's dark underground so you need a gun with an fire olb (an fire olb emits light)
and another olb to shoot at the rocks to make them crumble.
you can use the rocks you find underground in various crafting recipes.
In the new update you can find randomly spawned chests underground, these contain random stuff but you can find the blueprint for a town hall in it.


To fish you need a fishing rod.
You craft it like this:


S= String
B= Branch

With a fishing rod equipped you can fish in the water and catch some of the amazing randomly generated fish or you can participate in fishing contests.


The town hall:

What's a town without a town hall?
To build it you need a blueprint found in underground chests, you build it just like any other building.
When you have built it you can go inside and interact with the desk near the window to found a town and to change laws (at the moment this is only the town name and its color).
If you want to join a town you need to interact with the counter, there you can join towns or view the laws.
At the moment there aren't many things to do in a town, but I'm sure wessel will fix that later :) .

This was my gameplay guide.
Don't be hard on me because English isn't my best language and this is my first guide ever :D .

Edited by: JoeyXtreme

Feb 21 2013 Anchor

I can't believe it; I think more than 30 people have promised to make tutorials, introduction videos, Let's Plays, guides, wikis, etc., and finally somebody did it *wipes away tears*. And an excellent one as well. I'll make sure this will be:

  • A sticky thread
  • Mentioned in the next blogpost.
  • Listed on the member area of the site, so all new players can take advantage of it.
  • Mentioned on Twitter and Facebook.

If somebody will ever make a wiki, would you be okay with this added there as well (of course with a reference to this page)?

Edited by: Woseseltops

Feb 21 2013 Anchor

I'm glad you like it :D !
It's so awesome you mentioned it on twitter!
You can add it where you want it doesn't matter to me.
But did really nobody else make a tutorial?
It took me only like 30 minutes...

Edited by: JoeyXtreme

Feb 23 2013 Anchor

Okay joeyXtreme, lets get together and open a Wiki on my server. We need to give this information a new home :D

Feb 23 2013 Anchor

Great tutorial JoeyXtreme! I really learned a lot from your tutorial. Even though I've been playing Olvand for months I didn't know how to make a ladder.

Feb 23 2013 Anchor

Thanks for all the positive suggestions!
It wasn't my intention at first to make a tutorial but i was browsing the forums and is uddenly thought ''i want to make a tutorial''
and suddenly i started writing.
But again i'm glad people like it!

For the people who don't look on twitter: the guide has been updated for the newest version :D .

Edited by: JoeyXtreme

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