Survive, Craft, Build, Discover, Hunt, Salvage, Farm, and fight off pirates on the open ocean. Conquer the high seas in this post-apocalyptic water world where settlements are built and raided. Experience it all in Landless!

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Current Features:*


Experience a rich beautiful ocean filled with life and junk… Experience a dynamic weather system that directly affects the ocean and world around you. Survive hurricanes and maelstrom. The ocean currents are constantly roaring and ripping, will you be able to tame Landless?


Find food by either fishing, hunting, salvaging, or farming. Stay quenched by drinking precious fresh water collected from the rain. The sea can be a cold place, stay warm by keeping yourself dry. Don’t forget to rest after a long day at sea! Keep an eye on your health to stay alive and your stamina when you’re jumping or sprinting away.


Craft tools and weapons to help you on your survival. Configure modification and upgrade parts to improve your boat or other structures you’ve made. Cook food to prevent food poisoning or distill your urine when fresh water supplies have been exhausted.


Build Buoys that can be upgraded to specialty structures such as water gun turrets or radio relay station. Construct your own watercrafts and water structures to establish your own settlement. Craft and place furniture and devices with interactive functions.


Explore a world filled with wild sea life, floating debris, aircrafts, watercrafts, and people. Use radar or sonar to detect objects from a distance. Encounter immersive events that can lead to rare loot or blueprints. Meet new strangers, flotillas, and settlements. Will you engage in trade? Attempt to recruit? Or raid and pillage? Above and below, there will always be something exciting to discover and do!


Fight off hostile creatures or hunt down docile ones. Attempt to harpoon a great whale to collect its valuable whale oil. Shoot down birds for sport or food. Be careful not to get too carried away, all that blood can attract unwanted attention.


Venture into wreckages to find rare parts that can't otherwise be crafted. Salvage and sink abandoned enemy boats. Disassemble machinery to discover new blueprints. Anything can be salvaged in a sea of junk.


Cast out your fishing pole and try to reel in the fish, not so easy for a rookie. Better yet, create your own fishing net to throw out and catch large swarms of fish. Start your own hydroponic potato garden to solve problems of shortages or mass contamination of stored fish and meat.


Ever wonder how you came in possession of such a fine fishing vessel? Commandeering a boat from a pirate fleet was the only way to escape. It also didn't help taking a rare artifact from the pirate captain. Now there's a bounty on you by all pirates. Defend yourself as fleets of pirates will search and destroy. As your power and influence increases so will the desperation of the pirates.


Procedurally generated ocean allows random events, objects, people, flotillas, and settlements to give a custom created world every new play. Even as you venture out watch as the world forms around you, bringing new and unique challenges.

Upcoming Features:**


When you play a great game, why have your fun only be constrained by the scope of the developer’s imagination. Allowing mods in Landless will help unlock the true potential if this game. Play the game made with content made by the community or yourself!


If you build it, they will come. As you build up a settlement, survivors from all reaches of the world will come to settle down and find a life for themselves under the protection of you. In-Game tools to manage your settlement and survivors from a macro management perspective.


Why stop here? A key to Landless’ success will rely on its wide variety and vast options of the current content. We want to continue adding items, crafts, structures, etc on top of the current features giving players hours upon hours of gameplay!

On-Demand Only Features:***


Multiplayer with dedicated server. Survive, Craft, and Build together. Establish settlements with your friends or raid other players’ flotillas.

*- These are the set features of the game and are already deep into the development process. However, the current alpha build may not have all features playable yet. This is because we want to reach a stable and bug-free experience for each feature.

**-These are the more long term projects that will be features included with the game but not until later down the development timeline. Work has already began to implement them and will be continually worked on as we release more and more updates.

***-May not be developed.

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Contracts in Landless! After you finish your last communicate with Professor Goodman. A new transmission will appear sometime shortly. A woman will cry for help as a shark has taken her baby, what do you do…

0.32 features an RNG radio contract system for accepting and ignoring contracts(quests). Currently, there are two styles of contracts: Elimination and Collection. More styles will be added over time. Each quest features random dialogue with random requests with random rewards. You're the contractor, you decide which contracts are worth taking and which aren't. Is the pay I'm being offered worth the work? Radio contracts fill the radio once a game day. Radio contracts will only be removed from the radio either by collecting the reward or declining the contract.

Press “L” to open your contract log to see all current active contracts you have. You can have up to 10 contracts. When you finish a contract you can collect its reward from the radio, once your do so, the client will have dispatched a Turtle Express courier which will deliver your reward. Watch for the turtle come from behind the boat!

This is an enormous update. Included is also a new starter town. Gone are those little boat shacks huddled together. Instead experience Leavenworth! A central hub for the game. Of course the player will always have the option to explore as far away as possible…

Weapon backend overhaul complete! Reload fully functional! Even lets you know when your out of ammo. Included are UI features that show amount of ammo in gun and inventory.

Patch Notes:

- Add new unstacking feature, simply right-click on a object while holding shift to initiate.

- Melee weapons can now be used while swimming and diving. More testing needed before introducing special weapons.

- Activate on crafting bench has been changed to Interact and appears at the top of the screen now.

- Cursor now automatically appears when player activates a UI screen. This reduces the need to use alt when pressing “F” to interact with things.

- Pressing Esc will now close all UI windows, making it easier for players to shut down a bunch of windows they have up.

- If there are no windows open, Esc will bring up the Esc Menu instead of closing all windows.

- HULL EPOXY FEATURE CHANGED Player no longer consumes hull epoxy to fix the boat. Instead the player must have the epoxy in their inventory and strike the boat with their wrench.

- Trying to activate the crane without a platform in the inventory will remind the player.

- Trying to activate crane while obstructed will remind player.

- Storage window now closes when you move away. That includes the furniture ones as well…

- Dialog that appears while you are in a hostile zone will now auto-pause the game.

- Crafting window now closes when you move away. However, the bench will still be working as intended. It is not part of the game design for you to wait at the crafting bench to craft something. However, you’re free to do so…

- RESEARCH BEACON now drops a small machine that when you it, it will contain a black box. Also comes with other nice loot drops!

- When the game is paused it will display Paused on the screen.

- Save text added next to SLEEP.

- Notification sound effects added for hunger, thirst, temperature, health, and sleep. Hear that tummy rumble!

- More visual icons added next to UI buttons.

- The “Slow Time” feature has been removed from “T” this was in place to test for future features. Slow Time no longer fits within our future designs.

- Loot exploit removed. All contents within will all disappear when a player attempts to exploit a loot crate.

- Breath Bar won’t show up at start anymore.

- Remind player when inventory is full, when trying to add more.

- Remind the player can only hook one creature at a time, when trying to hook a second one while having the first one still hooked.

- Loot drops from Eco Drones are now working correctly.

- 5 new achievements added. Try to get them all!

- Buying from merchants now require you to right click on the goods then select your quantity.



Expect us to continually work on bugs and optimizing. Stay active on our boards, we need more feedback!

Thank you,


Landless 0.31 Update Released!

Landless 0.31 Update Released!


Don’t know how to play the game? Not a problem! Our new auto-notification system will help introduce the wealth of knowledge and mechanics of Landless...

Landless Now on Steam!

Landless Now on Steam!


Landless is now officially released on Steam. Come get your copy today!

Landless Alpha Build 0.30 [Giveaways and Official Trailer]

Landless Alpha Build 0.30 [Giveaways and Official Trailer]


Thank you all for your support, we couldn't have gotten this far without you! Official trailer is now released. Please subscribe. Check out this page...

Landless Alpha Build 0.20 [Procedural Generation]

Landless Alpha Build 0.20 [Procedural Generation]


Today's our last update before the big pre-launch event. Come check out the video to get a sneak peek at out procedural generation and hear whats coming...


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