Galaxy4D is a Single/Multiplayer space simulator featuring real space physics, spaceship crafting and a full-size galaxy with more than 100 billion star systems, each with hundreds of planets and moons that you can land and walk on. We believe in a virtual world where you are not limited by anything, and that taking shortcuts and fake stuff is NOT an option ! A gameplay needs to be seamless and totally immersive. We believe in WYSIWYP (What you see is what you play). Everything needs to be real. Ohh God do we hate skyboxes !!

Building a Spaceship

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Here's a preview of our work with Voxels to build spaceships in-game.

We have 4 different types of blocks for now (Cube, slope, corner, inverted corner), we plan to have more

We plan to have 3 choices of block sizes (4m, 1m, 10cm)

The blocks will be made from different materials depending of what alloy you use.

There will be many many utilities like thrusters, doors, cockpit controls...

This is not over yet !

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