Galaxy4D is a Single/Multiplayer space simulator featuring real space physics, spaceship crafting and full-size voxel planets.
We believe in a virtual world where you are not limited by anything, and that taking shortcuts and fake stuff is NOT an option !
A gameplay needs to be seamless and totally immersive.
We believe in WYSIWYP (What you see is what you play).
Everything needs to be real. Ohh God do we hate skyboxes !!

In this game, you will have your own character in first person, you can walk on planets, mine for resources, build a spaceship from scratch, fly to space, mine asteroids, land on other planets, go underwater, eat a fish...

The gameplay will be made so you feel everything as if it was a virtual reality with a perfect immersion.

On the planets you will try to survive in a hostile environment, fight weird aliens or make them explode...

On a spaceship you need to manage your systems, fix stuff, improve your engines, maintain life support or die tryin.
Remember this is a Simulator, not an arcade game.

We DON'T believe in Skyboxes and other fake stuff you can see but not touch.
Everything must be real, totally immersive, seamless and limitless.

All space physics are simulated, General relativity, Gravity and real-time orbit simulations, etc.
Note : Our general relativity means everything is relative to something else, no absolute position nor velocities. We don't include time dilation since it would not make any sens in a multiplayer game where everyone would have different time frames and not be able to interact...

Galaxy4D supports 100% real scales, however in the preview the earth-like is 1/60th of earth's radius, which still gives a surface area of 126 000 km².
It's not a limitation, rather a gameplay decision but not a final one.
In any case, modders will easily be able to reproduce our own solar system to scale.

The networking and multiplayer aspect is done and 100% working and we're building on top of it.
Hence you can expect the game to be already multiplayer-capable in the early access.

Yes we are very ambitious about this project.
We spent 3 years on R&D, then two years in debugging and trying to get everything to work THE RIGHT WAY.
We believe that empty promises are a very bad thing to do.
So, we solved the technical challenges first then we make the gameplay and the graphical aspect.
Only once we knew we'll get there, we announced the game here.
I, the creator of Galaxy4D, am proud to say I left my career to work full-time on this project.

Hope you enjoy it !

Creator of Galaxy4D.

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While making the voxel system for our asteroids we optimized it so it doesn't have any size limit.
That being said, why not use the same system for planets ?!
This was not planned in the beginning, but now that it's possible, why not ?

It will then be possible to dig underground caves to mine resources.
Hence the gameplay for mining will change and most resources will now be found underground.
Since everyone loves explosions, you'll be able to use explosives to make bigger holes :D
This will also allow planets to receive asteroid impacts and see persistent craters.

Our system is different from most voxel engines in that instead of having a defined voxel grid that is present from the beginning with all voxels, we have a rather dynamic system that only shows modifications on the terrain.

The terrain keeps the same procedural engine to create the base mesh with LOD, but we add holes from the voxel database before rendering the final mesh.
Maybe we shouldn't call it "voxel", but that's how everyone understands the resulting feature...
Our "voxel" database is an array of voxels, each consisting of a position and a radius.

Basically, size doesn't matter anymore !
If you create a very big explosion, only one "voxel" is created and is added to the mesh as a crater of the specified radius.
This makes the system very light although the planet is huge with lots of craters and caves.

You should be able to dig say a tunnel through a mountain, or dig all the way through the planet !
Some planets will have a magma mantle though...

Now to give you a glimpse the underground, I give you three screenshots !

And here's a preview of a procedural asteroid !

To get more detail or to ask questions, join our community forums :
English forum :
French forum :

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel :

Galaxy4D - Grass on planets

Galaxy4D - Grass on planets

News 1 comment

We are working on Grass and wheat fields for terrains on class M planets. Looks pretty nice so far !

Galaxy4D Pre-Alpha 5

Galaxy4D Pre-Alpha 5

News 2 comments

We present to you the Pre-Alpha 5 of Galaxy4D ! There has been lots of improvements on graphics, but most importantly a new Voxel Crafting feature ! You...

Galaxy4D : Improved Terrain Shaders !

Galaxy4D : Improved Terrain Shaders !


Here are screenshots showing the results of our intense work yesterday

Testing vegetation !

Testing vegetation !


What about vegetables? We are now testing vegetation on the surface !!!

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any idea on what the pricing of the game will be

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This looks amazing!! Tracking :)

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looks awesome! definitly going to try this one!

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Will you be able to build bases, outposts or colonies in planets?
I think that would be great and a must in a game like this.
Will you have NPC controlled ships?
I think this game is very promising.

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Galaxy4D Creator

You will be able to create outposts on any planet with a solid ground.
That also includes the "solid" bottom of an ocean.
There will be no limit on the size of the outpost. That means you can actually build cities !

For NPCs, it will only be non-intelligent aliens, some will be passive, others will try to eat you.
We are making this game with a certain philosophy that we believe is very important.
This is a multiplayer simulation and we want it to feel real.
Hence, intelligent beings in a multiplayer environment should only be other players.
However, it might be possible to install autopilots on many spaceships and send them remote commands.

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This is looking really good!

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Way to go!!

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Tacking; this game looks really amazing.

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looking good :)

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