Human civilization is in shambles. You lead a group of survivors whose goal is to rebuild civilization as you see fit.

You begin in an infected village. Scour through infected buildings to find new resources to survive, clean them and convert them into what your new society needs (houses, hospitals, cafeteria...).
Along the way you will encounter other groups of survivors who have also escaped the apocalypse. You decide whether they join your community or leave them to fend for themselves. But be careful: not everyone can be trusted.

All your survivors have specific skills, personality traits and needs that you will have to fulfill if you want them to stay a happy and active member of the community. They will forge relationships, and eventually found new families.

As the world stretches far and wide, you will be able to send out expeditions beyond the borders of your village, find new recruits and locations to explore, and bring back resources to keep your community healthy and safe.

Be warned: this world is full of danger and you will have to make tough decisions. Not everyone can be saved with the meager resources at your disposal. Will you sacrifice those who don't benefit your community, or will you try and save everyone? The choice is yours.

Will you be a benevolent leader, or will you murder and rob those who don't agree with your vision of this new world?

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What is Forsaken

News 9 comments

Welcome and let me wish you a Happy New Year and all the best wishes! Here’s to an apocalypse free 2017! In this post, I’ll talk about what inspired me to create “Forsaken: Year One” and I will describe a few of the important features that I will be including in the game.

I] Inspirations

A few years ago, I was playing a lot of Left 4 Dead with my brothers. The game is amazing and it’s great to play with friends and kill infected. The only thing that always troubled me was: what do the survivors do after we’ve left them and where are they going? After all, you can only kill so many zombies. You need to rest and rebuild at some point. At the time, I didn’t really act on that feeling but a few years later (about 4 years ago) after leaving my full time job in a big video game company to become independent, I was reading the Walking Dead, and I started thinking that it would be amazing to be at the head of a group of survivors rebuilding the world after an apocalypse. The game could include mature decisions and adult themes, allow the player to decide who he would allow into his new community and what the community would be about. Basically rebuild the world in his image. At that point I started researching a lot of apocalypse materials, not necessarily zombie related, both books, movies and comics, and I started writing down a lot of ideas about what the game could be.

Some screenshots of the notes that I took while doing research for Forsaken: Year OneSome screenshots of the notes that I took while doing research for Forsaken: Year One 2Some screenshots of the notes that I took while doing research for Forsaken: Year One 3

II] Gameplay Elements

In this section section I’ll be describing the main elements of the game. Some are already implemented (although in a basic state) and some not yet. But this should give you an idea of what the game will be about.

2.1) City Builder

First of all, Forsaken is a different kind of city builder. Unlike other city builders, I don’t want to focus on creating buildings, but on cleaning, on looting and on reusing the buildings that have been abandoned. There will be a few things that can be built though but nothing major. (for example fences, farms)

2.2) Unique Survivors

Second, Forsaken will put a big emphasis on survivors. To that end I was inspired by The Sims and RPG games in general, because I want the survivors to be unique, both by having their own characteristics, and by having their own personalities, interactions between each other, and develop their own opinion of you and the people they cohabit with.

Left: 6 Unique survivors with randomly generated appearances. Right: Character sheet showing the selected survivor’s traits, competences, inventory, and needs.

Left: 6 Unique survivors with randomly generated appearances.

Right: Character sheet showing the selected survivor’s traits, competences, inventory, and needs.

2.3) Tactical Turn-Based Combat

A few months ago, I had implemented a prototype of the real time combat in Forsaken, but I was a bit disappointed at how messy the combat felt, and how difficult it was to control. While playing Divinity: Original Sin I realized how amazing their combat system is and that it would really fit well in Forsaken and what I wanted to do with the game. It would allow fine control over the characters and it would resolve the messy feeling I was having with the combat’s current implementation.

2.4) Survivalism

Finally, I want survivalism and survivalist methods to have an influence on the game’s resources. To that effect, I have been reading a lot of websites, posts and books about survivalism (most notably the book: “The Knowledge: How to rebuild civilization in the aftermath of a cataclysm”). The goal of this research is to create interesting resources to the game, and survivalist methods (for example, how to recycle waste, how to make a hand made weapons, how to get clean drinkable water). Of course, it’s not a documentary and all these methods will be gamified but should still provide some idea how to do it.

The Knowledge: How to rebuild civilization in the aftermath of a cataclysmPhoto of one of the note sheets from the survivalism research

Left: Cover of the book: "The Knownledge: How to rebuild civilization in the aftermath of a cataclysm".

Right: Photo of one of the note sheets from the survivalism research

An illustration of an artisanal water filter.A handmade double barrel shotgun

Left: An illustration of an artisanal water filter.

Right: A handmade double barrel shotgun

Sources: Left, Right

So there you have it, the most important ideas behind Forsaken: Year One, and what I want to have in the game. Please keep in mind that this is still an early prototype, and is subject to change depending on how well they interact together and what fun they add to the overall experience.

Thank you for reading through the entire text, and don’t hesitate the comment and share your thoughts on the game, I love hearing about it, and it will help me make the game better!

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Development Update #1

Development Update #1

News 2 comments

In this article we talk about progress in the last few weeks, namely on the map generator, the game's resources and a storyteller.

Forsaken At MIGS 2016

Forsaken At MIGS 2016


We were at the Montreal International Games Summit (MIGS) last week-end to show “Forsaken: Year One” for the first time, so it is time to look back...

Combat Prototype

Combat Prototype


Preview video of the first prototype of turn based tactical combat.

Interface, Shadows and Lighting

Interface, Shadows and Lighting


Added shadows to deepen the world and lighting for a menacing mood.


Ayy interesting.

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Shanat Creator

Thanks! Stay tuned, a lot more is coming. I'm currently working on combat :)

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