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You like Cube World or Diablo? Maybe you like sandbox / exploration games? Or maybe you just want a really good coop experience?

Then you should follow the development of Dungeons of Tal'Doria. We regularly publish articles about our development progress.

Explore Tal'Doria

Tal'Doria is an infinite, randomly generated world. It is made up of different biomes, which are unique in every aspect. The name is based on the creator and goddess Doria. Throughout the game you will find animals, monsters, dungeons and other villager. You will also have opportunities to equip yourself for your journey by trading what you don't need with travelling merchants.

Deep character progression

Decide if you want to play as a strong Knight, a wise Mage or a dexterous Archer. Each class can choose between at least three different skill sets and gain many new powers. Train your new powers to become even more formidable!

Play with your friends

The most powerful of enemies awaiting you and should never be faced ALONE! Take your friends with you and increase your chances of success. But beware: Even in a group you should bring your most potent weapons along!

Collect and train pets

There are many different creatures in Tal'Doria, all of which can become your pet. Collect, train and evolve them to become even stronger!

Be a crafter

Become a great crafter and give yourself the best possible chance of survival. Collect resources, such as minerals and herbs, to make the most lethal weapons, strongest armor and helpful potions.

About us

We are a two man team that have already published two smaller games for Android. Now we are working on a game that we are dreaming of. We need and really appreciate your help in developing this game, so please tell your friends about Dungeons of Tal’Doria and share your opinion with us. Your ideas and suggestions will help us make this game the best it can be! Follow our social media channels and don’t forgot to post some cool stuff like fan art etc. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook and through our website.

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Hey Tal'Dorians!

In this update we will be covering what makes characters special in the world of Tal'Doria. Showing you what kind of customizations we will have and the different classes you can select currently.


  • Character Creation
  • Equipment
  • LAQ

Character Creation

When creating a character you will be able to name them, your name is personal and not only is it seen by other players if you're playing online, but will also be used by NPC's in some cases to personally greet you and will use your name in dialog. You will additionally see your name on equipment that you craft so that you and other players know it was made with your hands.

Then you will select the class that you wish to be, currently there are only three classes for you to pick from; those being:

The Knight class

A Knight, who either can be augmented with skills to be a full tank for you and your friends or to be an off-tank who has some support skills.

The Mage class

A Mage uses a scepter to shoot magic projectiles from range; using the power of elemental skills they can be a damage dealer or can rely on healing skills to focus completely on supporting other players.

The Archer class

An Archer uses his bow to provide damage to enemies from afar while ether using skills to set traps or use animals from nature to help him.

You will also be able to customize your character's looks having both male and female avatars, along with selecting a hairstyle and the color of your hair, body, and eyes

Different characters
Different characters


All Equipment you pick up in Tal'Doria will be shown on the character, any helmets, armor, belts, gloves, boots, and weapons you put on will be seen by you and other players.

Starting out the equipment you find will be simple and practical, not being very flashy or impressive but will still serve you in terms of stats:

Low level Knight
Low level Knight

While later on you will be able to find legendary gear which will boast impressive stats and look great like this:

High level Knight
High level Knight


Here are our Last Asked Questions for this week.

"Will you add more classes?"

Actually we really want to do that. But we do not want to promise too much yet, better to finish the game first.

"Do you need a composer?"

We have got a huge amount of people, who want to write music for us. Thanks to all of you and your interest in Dungeons of Tal'Doria. For now this position is filled, but we will contact you, when there is an open position in our team.

We're back at work

We're back at work


Finally back at work. Next DDD Article next tuesday!

Gameplay Preview (DDD #4)

Gameplay Preview (DDD #4)


First ingame multiplayer footage of Dungeons of Tal'Doria. We're killing huge waves of skeletons!

Multiplayer in Tal'Doria (DDD #3)

Multiplayer in Tal'Doria (DDD #3)


You really want to play this game with your friends. This is our idea how you will do that!

World of Tal'Doria (DDD #2)

World of Tal'Doria (DDD #2)


This week we are looking into the world map and the biome generation.


Seems like another cubic game that lags as a hell like all cubic games, i hope this be different

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If cubics game lag so much,consider your pc/connection or both as **** ! It isn't the fault of the game if you lag...

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Suncheck Creator

We definitely will optimize the game, so this should not happen even on low-end hardware. Of course this takes place in later stages of the development. In earlier stages there will be at least options to turn off very high-performance tasks and together with the player base we can identify things that needs to be optimized as soon as possible :)

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