Join Clive, an anthropomorphic rabbit, and Wrench, the literal monkey on his back as they travel through time and space in a lead-lined 1950's fridge. All in pursuit of the evil Dr Daucus and his plan for a rabbit-ruled world! Featuring time travelling, plenty of collectables, enemies, mini-games and tight controlling platforming.

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No Time To Stop For Lunch!
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Such a nice city scene! You seem to be implenting multiple of those in the game (this + the old London). Nothing wrong with that, even Super Mario Odyssey has a similar level.

Those cars seem driveable... Will we see some of them moving and controlled by the AI? I can imagine making them enterable for Clive himself would be too much work, though!

You may want to adjust the lighting on those high buildings' walls. The setting sun shines brighter on surfaces that are higher from the ground. I'm sure you'll continue working on it and see what suits the best. The pink imp, on the other hand, could perhaps use darker colours...

This crocodile (or is he an alligator?) guy is a nice addition, but is the gorilla still set to appear? Due to the fact that bodyguards are often called "gorillas" I found it amusing to have one as an actual gorilla.

Great job! Hopefully my feedback helps.

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DinosaurBytes Author

Yeah, it makes sense for levels in later time periods at least!

No drivable cars I'm afraid, but they may serve as hazards!

Funnily enough the lighting has been adjusted to better fit the susbet feeling.

The gorilla is still on the cards, but I opted for the croc first as he fits the swamp aesthetic well.

Thank you for the feedback as always!

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Yeah, I'm not 100% certain about the lighting. These buildings are relatively low in height, after all. Just wanted to point it out, in the case you hadn't noticed!

By the way, I'm extremely curious about the overall progress of the game. Does Christmas 2017 sound like a probable relase date? Or will it be longer? It's okay if you don't know it any better than us fans, I'm not forcing you to answer!

Additionally, I'd like you to know that I'd love to purchase the OST of the game from Steam, once the game and its soundtrack are completed and released. I don't know how it can be arranged, but I've seen many indie developers selling their music on Steam as HD downloads! You will probably have to ask your music team whether or not it's okay, too. (Honestly, I've got no clue about these legal things...)

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DinosaurBytes Author

There should be a new shot up at some point soon which will help demonstrate the lighting improvements!

At the moment the end of this year is my aim, but I'm under no illusion that it may run over. In either event my stance as always is "when it's done and I'm happy with it"!

The soundtrack will definitely be available, the plan at the moment is a simultaneous release including cut tracks and longer versions of pieces that are cut or modified in the game. For example there are several tracks that have been affected to sound muffled and mixed with ambience for when you're outside a specific location; on the soundtrack these will be unedited!

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