A Modern Day Survival Simulator

The year is 2019, the news is crawling with fear mongering stories of things to come, the end is near, climate change, WW3, Asteroids, Civil Unrest and anything else they can think of, but in the background, you can see the government preparing for something, but what. You decide its time to go off the grid and prepare for the worst.

Welcome to BugOut.

The fear of something major coming soon has taken its effect on you. You feel like you need to do something to prepare yourself to survive the unknown catastrophe coming soon. You sell all of your personal belongings and head off to the mountains to start a new life leaving this old one behind. With only a backpack and a few things to eat you really don't have much to start with. You do have a few hundred dollars to get you started but how long will that last, after hitching a ride into the Appalachians, you are dropped off at a mountainside trading post, your adventure starts here.

Before you can do anything you will need to get some experience in bugging out. The game starts off in the Appalachian Mountains at a mountainside trading post. Here you can buy some starter gear and head off into the mountains. You can freely hike around the mountains and learn survival skills, or you can accept one of the challenges from the bulletin board to receive a reward and maybe some extra skill points if you complete the challenge. As you gain more experience, you will be offered to train in other areas like Alaska Yukon and the Panama Jungle. While on your BugOut Training you can gather extra herbs and other items, and sell them to the trader for some extra cash. The cash can then be used to better your gear. After you have reached enough experience, the piece of land beside the trading post will be available to you at a price. Raise some money and buy the land to start building a full out BugOut home and prepare for the upcoming world-changing event. You can even make it completely self-sufficient and Off-grid with solar power and a water well. If you want you can also choose to grow and jar your own food or use the money to buy long-term storable food. Upgrade your home to survive many different scenarios or if you really want to go all out build a bunker, then stockpile your bunker with everything you think you will need.

Be sure get a radio or PC so you can keep up with what is going on, you never know when the time will come that you will need to BugOut.

Will you be prepared?

Prepare as much as you can, an event can happen at random times.
Increase your skills in hunting, fishing, herbalism, building and much more. The better your skill level, the easier it will be to survive when the disaster strikes.

Disaster Events will not be available during stage 1 or 2 of Early access

When a world disaster strikes you will need to use all you have learned to survive the event.

( Example : If a nuclear war was to happen, you would have to be in a sealed living area, with enough food, water and other resources you would need to survive the fallout, and then enough to use after the event until you can acquire more, plus you would need gear to test for radiation and explore infected areas) This is only one example, other events may affect you in an opposite way.
After the main event has happened at you come out of your home or bunker, you will be faced with lots of new challenges and a huge open world to explore. Stay in the mountains if you can still sustain, or explore the towns and cities, travel around and gather more resources to survive. Depending on the event you may have to deal with AI players, or different types of animals, you just don't know, thats why it is best to prepare all you can before the event.

Game Features


More to come

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So many updates


Update #013

May 11, 2018



Hello everyone and welcome to another update. We are moving right along with all the new scripts and addons we have integrated over the past 2 weeks. The new inventory system is working out awesome, not only is it much cleaner but we have added some new features like the ability to freely move the window around anywhere you want it. We added a draggable window script to all the UI windows so you can move them around and place them how you like them.


We also added a character window so that we can add the ability to add and remove clothing objects. The new character window also has an area for backpack placement, this is for a future update that we plan to add, so you can get different packs that are bigger or smaller to use. Along with the new backpack area there is also a Vitals and stats window where you can see everything that is affecting your character like health, food, stamina, food intake, body temp and more, just take a look.

This week was full of new stuff including a new building and placement system, With it we added some new items to test.


Primitive SMOKER)


One of the biggest improvements we have made over the past couple of weeks has been the new Custom Character Controllers we are building and working with. These have really brought the character to life, on our prototype we used a standard first person only controller, now we have an awesome third person controller where you can see your character, you will have the choice to change camera views and we will even be adding a first person to it as well. For now though we are very happy with the result, it goes great with our new character.

The Trading post is also being worked on and stocked for the game. We are working towards something you would see in the mountains, kinda like it has been there forever. The trail head for the Appalachian mountains is also here.

These are not photos of the complete work, it is a work in progress.

Some character pictures, of clothing features and outfits. In the game you will be able to buy and equip clothing, glasses, shoes/boots,gas mask, backpacks, hats, canteens, rope and more.

Other things we touched on this week.

Improved weather system

Improved Terrain textures and blending

Performance tweaks on vegetation system

Added New harvestable herbs

#1 Chicory

#2 Dandelion

#3 Scallion

#4 Peppermint

#5 Broad Leaf Plantain

#6 BloodRoot

#7 Sage

#8 Basil

Here are some pics of the landscape so far.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward


We are so excited about the progress we have made over the last 16 months on our first game. Last week we were able to get our steam store page up and...


Looks really good!

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