Arizona Derby game revolutionizing off-road racing games, introduce fresh ideas while blurring the borders between offroaders and supercars, mixing it into the exciting new genre, full of adrenaline, dangerous and in the same way exotic and unique. The game is developed in highest AAA quality, which can proudly stand, shoulder to shoulder with big hits as NFS, Forza, Dirt and Project Cars.

Game Features

It's made with the idea to evoke realistic off-road adventures on the world most amazing locations.

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Drivers, for the first time ever, can choose for their ride from many of latest supercars, put on big monster buggies, making players emotions hot as glowing wheels.

You play as Mike, first driver of renowned Arizona Derby Show. Every second is live broadcasted to the tens of millions of viewers worldwide. You can't make mistake, you have one rule and one chance - to get to the finish line, not as fast as possible, but as best as possible, crashing as many obstacles and missing broadcaster vehicles, while evading wild animals which wants to overturn your vehicle.

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The rule is simple - more crashes of obstacles, the higher is the score.

As show gains global popularity - it crosses over borders and offers new exciting tracks, from Tropical Paradise to Forest Rampage and many more breathtaking roads, soon to be revealed.


Realistic, off-road racing experience with immersive landscapes, which offers limitless possibilities, placed in an amazing beauty of Arizona desert, Tropical island and Forest Rampage track, each of them evoking realistic emotions of supercar offroad racing's to the highest degrees.

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With state of the art graphics and game physics, this game inspiring players to enjoy untouched natural beauties, close to the point where horizon and dirt roads create never ending driving stories, mixed with daydreams of drivers worldwide, to fully enjoy the true nature of off-road driving, stunts, exhibitions and to finally test extreme reflexes on hot Arizona sun.


The driving feeling is immersive and crashes are with craze and violence, that takes you to the deepest experience of off-road driving pleasures when you start to play. It features the latest advanced DirectX graphics engine that simulates an immersive environment, ultra realistic and dynamic lighting with high-end realistic materials and meshes. It can easy take you hours to fully enjoy the beauty of nature while discovering new roads and new places.

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Every part of the vehicle's body is realistically simulated. Therefore, basically, every part of the vehicle reacts with the high-end detailed terrain. Also creating a stunning experience that has never been seen before in such games. While hot winds create a fatamorgana on distant sand roads, you will have plenty of space to test and verify your off-road skills on, currently 3 totally different and amazing maps, which would take your breath aways for a while, when you first time run the game.The high-end physics engine is being created to provide extremely realistic driving experience, including features and aspects of real off-road cars, never seen on any other off-road simulator. Once you run it, you will be literally immersed in the dynamic world of off-road adventures. If you don’t like racers, then do not play this game. It is made strictly for passionate lovers of cars.

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Your skills would be proven to the highest degrees of driving on this never ending roads of Arizona, Tropical Island and Forest Rampage. There is, basically hundreds of kilometers of undiscovered roads, ready to be discovered and thousands of new adventures created on those dirty sands.

What differentiates this game from the others is different strategies and approach which player can choose from, while ensuring his positioning on the top of the leaderboards.


Your tasks would be to clear your way to the top from road blockages while evading the patrol cars and animals. Crashing an obstacle will give you more score and crashing into patrol vehicles will take it from you. You need to make your best way through to Arizona, Tropical Island and Forest Rampage run, particularly as the best off-road driver in the world. While driving, you will discover the new wildlife and some animals will not be friendly.

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Your ride is strengthened with supersonic materials, which enable it to destroy in an explosion almost all obstacles ahead.

Take your seat, tighten your belts and race into new adventures and listen carefully, because Arizona Derby calling you.


We keep on working on many interesting rides, all with unique styling, physics and tuned design. More tracks are to be developed also.We plan to add more tuned abilities in future and waste range of different options which would enable players to maximally enjoy our game.


Game will feature original and very exciting soundtrack, produced by a young rap star on the rise, Burton MC, would be included in the game. Currently, two songs are finalized -, and - and more are currently in production and all would following particular game features or next levels.


We working on real-time multiplayer racing, which would be great experience together with all steps we have in plan to finish, so there would be plenty of cars to choose from, all with different setups and abilities, offering outstanding battles on this huge terrains - this is to be finished in DLC.


We have plans to extend off-roads (Arizona, Tropical, Forest) and to bring some adventures directly into city streets! With all these vehicles to be added, it would be awesome to race around city streets in different suspensions, aerodynamics while having plenty of tasks to fullfil in order to gain maximally on leaderboards.


Our mission with "Arizona Derby" is to revolutionize off-road racing worldwide by establishing unique off-road racing adventures, creating many of unique maps and live events occasionally, enabling millions of players worldwide highest possible degrees of positive emotions and interactions in the drive.

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We are a team of game developers, as well enthusiasts for car racing, especially off-road adventures, and we preparing this game for 2 years (you can read more about our other experimental projects and all developed parallel with our other outsourcing gaming projects (our primary business). We hope you'll enjoy our product like we do, as we create it for pure fun. We have researched, playing and testings about tens of gaming prototypes for years and this game established as best to proceed to the broader population and Greenlight process, so our idea is instead to lose focus with more quantity of games, to concentrate on one perspective game and to give best we can, and we can lot :) as we did over 160 games (outsourcing for other publishers) in (mainly for mobiles, but also for PCs and other platforms), about 30 racing games (cars, bikes, drag racing games etc) even one complete F1 like Formula One multiplayer game with 22 real world tracks and extremely detailed career modes (currently in finalization), so we put our best experience from many platforms and game engines, into creating Arizona Derby.


If Arizona Derby received good feedback, we would focus our development strategies mostly in this product in future and make plenty of exotic maps and even more craziest vehicles, very detailed tuning system, open world multiplayers, weekly events and other features (even zombie mode).

Finally, if games succeed well, our passion is to organize real world derby based on this game.

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Meet Ferrero


Meet the Ferrero, new Arizona Derby Monster car.

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It's made to lasts on all kind of the roads, unique in every way, its contemporary design will not leave your mouth closed.

This car is simply made that you can feel it, unlike in plenty of other racing games on the market, Arizona Derby will make you feel your ride like it's supernatural real.


You will stay amazed upon many details we did, it is true that Arizona Derby would be better than many of other 'fancy' racing games on the market, as we bringing new content on exhausted racing genre table, you'll for first time in history having luxuries supercars and you can drive and explore whenever you want, no matter what part of the world - we would bring it to you in its total reality, unseen in many of latest hits to be announced, and all that coming from indie company, not big AAA million dollar titles.

We simply think that they don't spend that money well, they can make much better like we do with limited resources, so it does not matter how big you are but how much passion you have, and we have all the passion in the world to make Arizona Derby next offroad racing game hit, that would reshape the racing genre.

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Arizona Derby would allow players to explore every part of the different, most amazing parts of the world in a unique way and to compete and to show their offroad racing skills.


No matter if you are rushing down the hill, crashing the forest to the splashy ocean shores, or if you conquer next checkpoint better than others on the leaderboard, you will be, as player in most extensive action ever, the game is meant to be so dynamic that you'll never feel that is enough.

Every track every race every car will have tons of amazing visual and functional features that you will want it to play for the years this game.


And our future extensive support for it is planned to be that include tens of greatest locations worldwide and 100s of cars. Also, Arizona Derby is made to be most and most exotic racing game ever, our idea is that you literally feel the breath of the ocean shores and to put you in action as you're really there, even without VR headsets and with it - immersing would be really unseen.


Stay tuned, Ferrero is first in the row and we would keep you updated with many of other fanciest supercars, which will for the first time ever, featuring on off-road monsters.

Arizona Derby hits Top #1 at Greenlit

Arizona Derby hits Top #1 at Greenlit


Arizona Derby get's to the top #1 position from many games on Steam Greenlight. Here is our look what's helps to that.

Achievements Overview

Achievements Overview


Arizona Derby will initially feature set of eight achievements, which would inspire and motivate players to give best in the game. Each of it is created...

Supercars overview of Arizona Derby

Supercars overview of Arizona Derby


Arizona Derby game concept is to blur borders between off-road adventures and enjoying in latest supercars. We modeled over tens of latest supercar rides...

Forest Rampage - level overview

Forest Rampage - level overview


"Forest Rampage" is the third map of Arizona Derby to be revealed and implemented in early access demo. The idea of this map to additionally tease the...

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