0 A.D. (pronounced "zero ey-dee") is a free, open-source, cross-platform real-time strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare. It's a historically-based war/economy game that allows players to relive or rewrite the history of twelve ancient civilizations, each depicted at their peak of economic growth and military prowess.

The twelve factions are: Three of the Hellenic States (Athens, Sparta and Macedonia), two of the kingdoms of Alexander the Great's successors (Seleucids and Ptolemaic Egyptians), two Celtic tribes (Britons and Gauls), the Republican Romans, the Achaemenid Persians, the Iberians, the Carthaginians, and the Mauryan Indians. Each civilization is complete with substantially unique artwork, technologies and civilization bonuses.

Developed using Pyrogenesis, a game engine custom-built to suit our needs, 0 A.D. will give players a rich and entertaining real-time gaming experience. 0 A.D. is portable, running not only on Windows, like most games, but also on Linux and Mac OS X.

We believe free, OS software like 0 A.D. encourages sharing, learning and creativity. That's why we have made the code and data available under the GPL license, and released the art, sound and documentation under CC-BY-SA. Modifying the game's data files is as simple as editing JavaScript and XML files, so anyone can learn how the game was developed and share their own contribution to the 0 A.D. world.

0 A.D. is being developed by Wildfire Games, a community of volunteer, hobbyist game developers from all over the world. 0 A.D. has been an open source project since July 2009. We're looking for programmers, 3d artists and more.

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Wildfire Games, an international group of volunteer game developers, proudly announces the release of 0 A.D. Alpha 22 “Venustas”, the twenty-second alpha version of 0 A.D., a free, open-source real-time strategy game of ancient warfare.Wildfire Games, an international group of volunteer game developers, proudly announces the release of 0 A.D. Alpha 22 “Venustas”, the twenty-second alpha version of 0 A.D., a free, open-source real-time strategy game of ancient warfare.

Easy Download and Install

Download and installation instructions are available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. 0 A.D. is free of charge and always will be. Although you might find some people selling copies of 0 A.D., either over the internet or on physical media, you will always have the option to download 0 A.D. completely gratis, directly from the developers.

How to Download 0 A.D.Instructions for WindowsInstructions for LinuxInstructions for OS X

Moreover, you can redistribute the game and modify it freely as long as you abide by the GPL. You can even use parts of the art and sound for your own projects as long as you abide by CC BY-SA. No “freemium” model, no in-game advertising, no catch.

Top New Features

  • Remake of many models, animations and textures, two new music tracks
  • Configuration-free Multiplayer Hosting
  • Capture the Relic Gamemode
  • Aura and Heal Range Visualization
  • Twelve new maps, including scripted enemies, rising water and a tutorial
  • Espionage Technology, Team Bonuses and Hero Auras
  • Petra AI Diplomacy and Attack Strategies
  • Summary Screen Graphs
  • Cinema Path Editing
  • Buddy System

A complete list of user-relevant changes can be found in the changelog at Trac.wildfiregames.com.

Capture the Relic Mode

A relic is a wagon that holds the sacred remains of a great leader. Like to have your armies boosted or construct buildings with a discount? Venture into the unknown and secure these priceless items before they fall into the hands of the enemy!
The team that manages to keep all relics for a manually set amount of time wins the match.


Spartans guarding a captured relic

Capture the Relic

A Catafalque captured by three enemies (10MB Super-HD)

New Graphics

Hundreds of models, animations and textures were handcrafted to replace the lower quality art. Together with the improved icons and new main menu backgrounds, both new and experienced players can (re)discover 0 A.D.

Damage Variants and Scaffolding present (only) Carthaginian buildings in new variety:

ScaffoldingScaffolding at construction sites (21MB Super-HD)

The new unit models bring both visual and gameplay balancing improvements. Here we present the never-seen-before Ptolemian Infantry Champion Pikeman:


New Ptolemian Infantry Champion Pikeman (11MB Super-HD)

New Music

The original soundtrack was extended by the songs "Tale of Warriors" and "Sunrise". You can hear the former in the trailer.
Listen to or download the entire 0 A.D. soundtrack at: Play0ad.com .
Lossless quality versions can be found at Trac.wildfiregames.com.

Configuration-Free Multiplayer Hosting

This release of 0 A.D. brings hosting multiplayer matches to the mass of players. It features a new "STUN" option that enables most players to start a match without any prior internet router configuration.

STUN Lobby

STUN option when hosting a lobby match

Aura and Heal Range Visualization

Aura + Heal Range

Mauryan Hero Healer Chanakya (23MB Super HD)

Finally, players can judge the effect range of aura bonuses and healing abilities of their fighters and supporters. A solid line indicates an aura, while the plus-symbols indicate the heal radius.

New Maps

Players of the new release will be able to enjoy the game in twelve new worlds!

New Tutorial

A new tutorial, that can be started from the "Learn to Play" option in the main menu, was put in place to help beginners find their way into the game mechanics.

New Tutorial

New Economic Walkthrough

New Scripted Maps

Three new maps come with scripted events that shape the story of each match.
On Danubius, teams are separated by the Danube river, which is defended by reoccurring Gallic ships that focus the players fleet and land invasion forces.Each side of the river comes with a Gallic stronghold that spawns attackers until it is wiped out by the players.


Danubius (9MB Super HD)

On Extinct Volcano, players have about twenty minutes to rush their enemies until the water starts to rise.Attacks and marches will become risky as the water level can rise suddenly anytime.Units below the sea level will drown, and buildings become unusable, so you better get the ships ready to evacuate!

Extinct Volcano

Extinct Volcano (9MB Super HD)

On Polar Sea, there is virtually no vegetation, so players have to use their initial wood treasures and market wisely. Wolf packs reappear from time to time and look for meat. Any kind of meat!

Polar Sea

Polar Sea (11MB Super HD)

Notice that these maps have not been optimized for computer players.

New Regular Maps

Wild Lake

Wild Lake (15MB Super HD)

Corinthian Isthmus (4)

Corinthian Isthmus (4) (8MB Super HD)

African Plains

African Plains (15MB Super HD)

River Archipelago

River Archipelago (15MB Super HD)


India (12MB Super HD)

Arctic Summer

Arctic Summer (13MB Super HD)

The Botswanan Haven and Cinema Demo map are not depicted here.
To live up to its title, the unique "Survival of the Fittest" map was reworked to spawn heroes, some never-seen units and to become exponentially more difficult in later stages of the game.

Espionage Technology

After having researched the Espionage technology, players can bribe a random trader of a selected enemy, letting it share its vision and thus supply potentially invaluable insights into the enemy's home base.
The diplomacy dialog is used to select an enemy and initiate the conspiracy.

Team Bonuses

Each alliance between players now confers bonuses upon the allies, depending entirely on their choice of civilizations. For example, if you choose to be an ally of the Macedonians civilization, you get 20% more sales when bartering resources at the market. The exact team bonuses can be found in the History section of the "Learn to Play" menu and in the changelog at Trac.wildfiregames.com.

Hero Auras

Many heroes' auras were added and rebalanced that require players to decide more wisely which leader to announce.

Wish to see what our "Swag" aura can do? Play Iberians and have a great experience discovering new additions at every corner! The details are revealed in the Structure Tree of the game and the changelog at Trac.wildfiregames.com.

Petra Diplomacy and Attack Strategies

Like to play single-player games with bots?
The AI bot, Petra, became much smarter this release. It can strategically plan attack and defense strategies depending on the different types of victory conditions (Conquest, Regicide, Capture the Relic, Wonder Victory). It also fully takes capturing into consideration.
The economy of the AI was improved as well. Petra now avoids establishing trade routes that cross enemy territory and researches economic technologies sooner.
Find a complete list of changes at Trac.wildfiregames.com.

Team Notifications

To improve the cooperation between players, chat notifications have been added that inform allies of tributed resources and researched phases.

Summary Screen Graphics

The chronology of all military and economic game statistics is now visualized in the summary screen. Track your and your team's progress throughout the game on a graph and derive factors that decided the winner of the game.

Summary Charts

Summary Graphs

Buddy System

Keep up with your friends and locate them in-game with this feature.

As a host, you can optionally prefer buddies to become players in the match setup and allow only buddies to join running games as observers.

Cinema Path Editing

With Alpha 22, our map editor Atlas has received new controls to create and edit cinematic camera paths (like the ones seen in the release trailer).

Try the Cinema Demo scenario map in the game and in the Atlas to see an example. Consult the Atlas manual for further instructions: Trac.wildfiregames.com.

Cinema Path Editing

Cinema Path Editor

Under the Hood

Creating a custom mod of 0 A.D. has become easier. Hobby developers can now add new resource types and match options with a few keystrokes or debug AI matches by simulating many games in a row.
The Windows and macOS helper libraries have been updated to resolve security issues. Several ways to cheat in multiplayer games were plugged. If you couldn't play the game before due to a crash, try this release!
Make sure to check out the options page and hotkeys, since new entries were added there as well.

Why "Venustas"?

"Venustas" is latin for "attractiveness" and was picked to match both the foremost feature of the release (the new models and animations) and the release numbering (V being the twenty-second letter of the alphabet).

This time we will not ask the community to find a name for the next release, Alpha 23. We have decided that we will name it after Ken Wood, one of the founders, who passed away in 2006.

Support Us

The work is still in progress and can use every helping hand. You can support us by translating the game into your language on Transifex, contributing art or code or simply by donating.
If you experience a technical problem with the game, please report it at trac.wildfiregames.com. This is also the first address to visit when you wish to dedicate some of your time to help to patch the code.
Got any further questions or suggestions? Discuss them with other players and developers in the forum or talk with us directly over IRC.

Subscribe to 0 A.D. Development News

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Contact info for press, bloggers, etc.: aviv@wildfireCAESARgames.com without the capitalized name of a well-known Roman dictator, whose family claimed to be the descendants of Venus.

Please vote for 0 A.D. as 2017 Indie of the Year!

Please vote for 0 A.D. as 2017 Indie of the Year!

News 3 comments

It is this time of the year and IndieDB once again organizes the Indie of the Year Awards. The promise of releasing the game is becoming more and more...

Dellingr 22 now available!

Dellingr 22 now available!

Millennium A.D. 1 comment

'Dellingr' is an old Norse god, symbolizing dawn. Pretty apt for a new release ;) This release features a bunch of new buildings and a rework for a lot...

0 A.D. Delenda Est released for Alpha 22

0 A.D. Delenda Est released for Alpha 22

0 A.D. Delenda Est 9 comments

The Delenda Est mod has been released for 0 A.D. Alpha 22 Venustas. Download it today right here on Moddb.

November News from Wildfire Games

November News from Wildfire Games

News 6 comments

0 A.D. has a new Project Leader, was presented at an event in Toulouse, and is well on its way to have the new unit models implemented. Read about these...

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Dellingr 22

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Millennium A.D. Full Version 14 comments

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Delenda Est - Alpha 22 release

Delenda Est - Alpha 22 release

0 A.D. Delenda Est Demo 13 comments

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0 A.D. Alpha 22 Venustas Mac Version

0 A.D. Alpha 22 Venustas Mac Version

Full Version 1 comment

New features: "Capture the Relic" - a new game mode, plenty of new maps, a lot of new art, multiplayer hosting that should work for more people, new music...

0 A.D. Alpha 22 Venustas Windows Version

0 A.D. Alpha 22 Venustas Windows Version

Full Version 8 comments

New features: "Capture the Relic" - a new game mode, plenty of new maps, a lot of new art, multiplayer hosting that should work for more people, new music...

Cen 21

Cen 21

Millennium A.D. Full Version 4 comments

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the game ius sooo hard. could we get a true easy and super easy mode? sandbox they wont attack... so yeah. the AI reckts me and seems to gather better then me. cant get up a good defense before their masice horde attacks me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I really love what I see so far I love how you added the names of the buildings that would be said in the native language of the civ youre playing and I love how you changed the workers to where each one has a purpose I really do hope you guys keep making more updates

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Actualizado el manual del juego en español desde mi página web (todoaestribor.eu).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Please update the animations for the cavalry and make them more realistic when they move.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

No Odryssia\ Dacia? >.>

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Dacia in the second part.
No new faction for a while.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Really good work, this game is a big inspiration for indie developters, that want to create really master pieces.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

There going to be egyptian natives (egyptian rebelds)? No greeks invasors

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

It's possible someyecandy and mini-faction.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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