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Many years ago, it was 1984, we started game programming on an Oric 1 home computer with 16 kB memory. Soon this computer was replaced by a Toshiba MSX computer with 32 kB. At that time the games were loaded in the computer by cassette or with a ROM-cartridge. The first games we created were programmed in BASIC. In 1987 Commodore released the Amiga 500, which was a huge step forward for computer games, because it was able to play digitized sounds and displayed 4096 colours, so we replaced the MSX by the Amiga. The first commercial product we released was a slide show creator for private television broadcasting companies, which was followed by a number of platform games. In the 90's we switched over to the PC and created a game called Mindless, loosely based on the well-known board game Mastermind. The game was programmed in PASCAL with a little bit of Assembler code. Mindless was soon followed by a role playing game The C&M detectives and the Prince of Darkness. After this it went silent. During this period we were busy creating 3D-engines and released our first FPS game, which was not as successful as we had hoped for. After this release we went on studying and creating 3D game engines until recently we stumbled at the Torque-3D engine, which opened a way to start creating the game we had a long time wish for and the result will soon be available here.

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The Master's Eye

The Master's Eye

Role Playing

The Master's Eye is a first person, role-playing game in a fantasy and medieval setting and takes place in the lands of Ishkandragh. Your character (male...

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