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give new players some solutions in Dragon’s Call II

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1 Q: Can I trade items with other players in game?
A: No, you can’t trade items with others.

2 Q: Why my character didn’t restore full Action Points the next day?
A: Your character will restore 5 Action Points every half hour, no matter whether online or offline. And you can also use Dragon Gold to buy Action Points. VIP players (there are different levels of VIP membership in game) will be given extra purchase chances.

3 Q: Where can I loot materials required in Potion Scrolls and materials needed for making purple gear?
A: Open your Backpack, click on the Scroll and then it will tell you where to find those required materials. Furthermore, clicking on the material will start auto-pathfinding and lead you to the destination.

4 Q: How to choose pals?
A: As you progress in game, more and more pals will join you. Each pal has its unique skill and different combinations will create different effects. So, all you need to do is to pick pals according to your strategy. What is worth mentioning is you have to consider both attack and defense.

5 Q: How much attack power do I need to successfully complete a Heroic Instance challenge?
A: Attack power is not the only factor. Formation, HP, Defense and Pals are equally important. If you had big difficulties completing your last Instance or luck had played an important role in your victory, you should probably improve your character comprehensively before starting the next Instance challenge.

7 Q: Why didn’t I get the daily extra free Action Points?
A: Every player will receive extra free Action Points at 12:00 and 18:00 everyday. You will find the status icon below your avatar when it is sent to you.

8 Q: Does combination affect the weapon’s refining level?
A: After combination, the material weapon’s refining level will decrease by 5.

9 Q: What’s the use of the Medals obtained from Guide? How to trade them for Gold?
A: You can trade the Medals with the Medal Merchant for equipment or potion scrolls or Gold bags.

10. Q: How to choose pals in the early stage?
A: Many players will choose to replace their pals with new ones in their end game. Then they should pay attention to the type of pals they picked in their early game because if they pick the same type of pals in their early and end game, the weapon and equipment used by their early pals can still be used by the replacers. If the types of pals are different, then they have to make new weapons and equipment for the later pals. To save the time and trouble, there is a Weapon Recast Token sold in game now, which allows you to change the weapon’s class attribute directly by paying 100 Dragon Gold.

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